NBA Games December 19- Updates

NBA games December 19

The fans are enjoying every bit of the NBA season! The season is almost halfway, and there have been some fantastic games. The fight for the top spots in the table is tight, and the games are getting more intense. While some teams have found their winning momentum, some still struggle to find a grip. But there are still more games to go and enough time for your favorite teams to get better. So if you want to know who’s playing this Sunday, then keep reading and find out more about it.

The teams playing on December 19

Sunday has six games in store for all the NBA fans, and here are the teams facing each other.

  • Celtics Vs. Knicks
  • Thunder Vs. Clippers
  • Nets Vs. Magic
  • Raptors Vs. Warriors
  • Jazz Vs. Wizards
  • Bucks Vs. Cavaliers

Celtics Vs. Knicks

The games on Sunday will kick off with the Eastern Conference teams Celtics and Knicks. Going by their current form and stats, both teams have not performed well this season. Celtics have fourteen wins and fourteen wins compared to thirteen wins and sixteen losses for the Knicks. Currently, they sit 10th and 12th on the table. It will take a lot for them to improve their table standings, and the season looks almost over for them. Nonetheless, they have a decent chance of climbing up because the other teams above them are not far ahead in winning and losing stats. Even though both teams are not at their best, you can expect an exciting game on Sunday.

Thunder Vs. Clippers

Thunder and Clippers from the Western Conference will meet on Sunday. But going by their stats and form, it almost looks like a mismatch. The Thunders are sitting at the bottom of the table with eight wins and nineteen losses, and they are amongst the worst-performing teams this season. On the other hand, the Clippers are fifth on the table with sixteen wins and thirteen losses. Although they have not been at their best, they are still in decent form and judging from their last game; it looks like the Thunders have a huge task ahead of them on Sunday. All odds favor the Clippers to win comfortably, but Thunders can challenge them if they step it up.

Nets Vs. Magic

The Nets are on fire this season and have gotten better every game. They have the best win record in the Eastern Conference. With twenty-one wins and eight losses, they are on top of the table with excellent form. Orlando Magic is having a terrible season. With only five wins in twenty-nine games, it’s almost sure that the season has ended for them, and Sunday will be another huge task for them to face the best team. Judging by their current form and last game, it looks like the Nets will comfortably win on Sunday. But it will be interesting to see if Orlando Magic can pull off something special to upset them.

Raptors Vs. Warriors

The Eastern Conference Vs. The Western Conference game will be between the Raptors and the Warriors. The Warriors are currently on top of the table but share similar stats with the Suns. So the top three spots on the Western Conference table are tight. But it looks like they will have an easy game on Sunday when they take on the Raptors.

As it stands, the Raptors are eleventh on the table with thirteen wins and fourteen losses. They haven’t found their winning momentum, and based on their last performance; it looks like they will need to step up their game to face the top team from the Western Conference. Although all the odds favor the Warriors, they know that the Suns can take advantage of that and take the number one spot if they lose. So they will go into the game cautiously.

Jazz Vs. Wizards

Jazz Vs. Wizards are the next Eastern Conference Vs. Western Conference game. Utah Jazz is amongst the top three teams in the Western Conference and has played some fantastic games this season. The players are consistently performing well, and they have a good chance of taking the top spot on the table. They have twenty wins and seven losses and an excellent away win record.

Wizards are seventh in the Eastern Conference table. They have fifteen wins and fifteen losses. Although they are not having their best season, they had some excellent games, which showed their potential. But coming up against the Utah Jazz is a challenging game, and they know that they have to be at their best on Sunday. Based on their performances, the odds favor the Utah Jazz to win, but don’t rule out the Wizards yet!

Bucks Vs. Cavaliers

Bucks Vs. Cavaliers is the big Eastern Conference game on Sunday. The bucks are currently second on the table with nineteen wins and eleven losses, while the Cavaliers are fourth with eighteen wins and twelve losses. Not a lot separates the teams in terms of stats and performances, so it will be a highly competitive game because neither would want to lose. The top four on the table are tight neither can afford to lose at this stage of the season. So all eyes will be on their key players to step it up on Sunday.

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