Jake Paul Vs. Tyron Woodley 2- Everything You Need To Know

Jake Paul Vs. Tyron Woodley 2

Jake Paul and Tyron 2 was one of the most anticipated fights in 2021. The first fight between the two took place in August. But none of them could finish the fight, and Jake Paul won via the judge’s decision. So it looked inevitable that the two fighters would run it back. Immediately after the fight, Tyron Woodley asked for a rematch, and Jake responded. Since then, the fans have been waiting for the fight scheduled for December 18.

The build-up to the fight

The rematch looked inevitable after many people believed it a controversial win for Jake Paul. Woodley thought he should have won, and it was a very close fight, in all fairness. The decorated former UFC champ had a lot to prove to the fans, and he finally had the chance to do so. So the build-up to the fight was excellent for the fans because both fighters hated each other. Jake Paul did a lot of the trash-talking before the fight. He was pumped up to face him once again. But this time, he wanted to finish him off, unlike the first fight.

Jake knew that Tyron was not any ordinary fighter and fully knew his knockout power. Woodley wanted also wanted to knock him out badly. That was the only thing on his mind and evident from the pre-fight conferences.  The hype was real, and both fighters knew that they needed to get the finish to make a statement. So the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, was ready to host the much-anticipated fight.

Here’s how the fight progressed through the rounds.

Round 1

Both fighters entered the arena, the ring was ready, and the fans cheered on as they waited for the referee to blow the whistle. Both fighters engaged from round one and stayed busy throwing in hooks and punches. But they also frequently clinched in round one and missed many of their shots. They stayed light on their feet, strategically exchanged blows, and Jake seemed to have done slightly better. It looked like a 10-9 for Paul.

Round 2

In round two, Jake stepped it up a bit. He was a bit more aggressive and threw many punches at Woodley. Woodley took some shots but countered well with body shots that slowed him down. But surprisingly, Jake initiated the clinch in the second round because he needed room to breathe. The crowd didn’t like it and started to grow restless. But he continued with the shots, took charge of the fight more in the second round, and Woodley wasn’t doing much. So it was another round for Jake.

Round 3

Tyron Woodley stepped it up in round three. He was punching more and landing some of his shots. But Paul had a good defense, kept his gloves high and avoided any blows that would cause damage. So he was fighting smartly. In exchange, he kept throwing jabs and body shots to counter Woodley’s strikes. But his right eyebrows started to bleed from an accidental elbow by Woodley. At this point, the crowd felt like Jake would take a step down and give Woodley the upper hand. But he kept his cool despite the blood getting on his eyes and avoided any severe blows that Woodley was throwing at him. Woodley could not capitalize on the advantage, and round three ended.

Round 4

After cleaning the blood from his face, Jake started the round well. But Woodley also kept the pace from round three, and both fighters were throwing hooks, jabs and body shots. It kept landing, and they clinched a couple of times. Woodley had more success with his uppercuts, and it looked like Jake was bothered by it. He also landed a solid right hand. Jake resorted to his body punches and made sure that he kept his gloves high. So up until around four, and didn’t go wild with his punches.

Round 5

Woodley kept the pace going into round four. He made some excellent combos and kept the pressure on Jake. Jake had t counter his shots, so he kept himself busy with the jabs and body shots which were effective. Round five saw more clinches, and the crowd wasn’t impressed by it. After every combo, they would go into the clinch, and the referee had to break it off frequently. So despite some great shots and combos, round five wasn’t very impressive for the fans.

Round 6

Round six was the most significant round. Both fighters were a little tired, but they continued to keep up the pace. Jabs and hooks were flying, and both of them scored well. But the clinches didn’t stop and were getting more frequent. But the big blow came around the middle of round six. Jake Paul landed a devastating right hand that sent Woodley straight down the mat.

That was the end of the fight. Jake got what he said he would do, and he did it beautifully. He faked a body shot that opened up Woodley’s guard and threw the clean straight right hand, and the referee immediately stopped the fight.

What next for Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley

The trilogy looks unsure now that Jake Paul has won both the fights. But during the post-fight conference, Woodley expressed his desire to fight for the trilogy if Paul decides to. As of now, things are not sure and who Jake would fight next. So the fans will have to wait until they make an announcement.

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