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WBC: Ilunga Makabu Vs. Thabiso Mchunu

The rematch between Ilunga Makabu and Thabiso Mchunu delivered what fans had missed on the previous occasion. For Makabu, it was the determination to retain his WBC cruiserweight title, while Mchunu wanted to redeem his defeat. It was an electrifying atmosphere at the WD Packard Music Hall, with fans eager to witness the rematch.

Both the boxers knew they had a tough competition, so they approached the match with timely strikes and rule-book movements. While Makabu troubled Mchunu with his straight left throughout the match, the South African veteran adjusted quickly. Mchunu avoided most attacks by defending and counter-attacking with his left hand.

As the match progressed

The first two rounds saw both the boxers play safe and defend. However, Makabu found his stride in the third round and timed Mchunu’s movement to perfection. Makabu landed a straight left and a right hook to Mchunu’s body to pick crucial points. Mchunu tried to counter but could only manage a warning for delivering an unintended punch after the bell.

However, things changed in round four, which saw Mchunu landing crucial blows. The challenger used his slick fighting skills to perfection, troubling Makabu throughout the round. The defender had no answer for the onslaught but managed to survive the round.

Mchunu’s onslaught continued in the fifth round, where he stunned Makabu with his aggressive approach. The defender found it hard to cope in this round, dominated mostly by Mchunu. However, he managed to remain upright despite being outboxed by his challenger.

The sixth round yielded similar results, with Mchunu outsmarting Makubu to dominate the round. The challenger boxed well and avoided most of Makubu’s attacks. The defender tried his best to land his straight left hand and right jab without success. And while Makabu tried to reduce Mchunu’s dominance, Mchunu sneaked a crucial point by connecting a clean right uppercut.

The turning point

After handling the pressure from previous rounds, Makabu found his stride in the seventh round. Although Mchunu’s defensive skills prevented Makabu from landing lethal blows, they allowed him to pick up the pace. Makabu started to control the game and landed a right jab in the tenth round.

Mchunu tried to counter this onslaught but failed to secure points. He relied more on his defense and guard than infighting skills and head movement. Mchunu managed to land a counter right hook, but it was not enough to threaten Makabu.

The eleventh round provided Mchunu with an excellent opening. He managed to land a counter left hand on Makabu (a redemption hit for the challenger). Makabu tried hard to break this offense, but his movements were no match for the challenger.

The challenger had matured since their first fight and had answers to all the tactics of Makabu. The challenger refused Makabu to overhaul this game by employing defensive tactics.

Did history repeat itself?

While both the boxers didn’t allow each other to dominate the game, their rivalry was evident till the end. After the match ended, Makabu tried to embrace Mchunu after the final bell. However, the challenger refused the gesture by shoving the cruiserweight titlist away.

The judges declared Ilunga Makabu as the winner by split decision. Although it was a close encounter, the defender retained his title. While it took him entire twelve rounds to beat his challenger, Makabu was able to repeat history.

The final score line

Ilunga Makabu: 115-113, 116-112

Thabiso Mchunu: 115-113

Trevor Bryan Vs. Jonathan Guidry

The WD Packard Music Hall witnessed some of the best boxing events on Saturday night. The boxing ring saw a spirited heavyweight affair as WBA heavyweight champion Trevor Bryan took on Jonathan Guidry.

The atmosphere was electric as the two boxers fought for glory throughout the match. While Bryan delivered early blows and played aggressively, Guidry had more chances to land crucial blows.

However, both the boxers failed to land knockout blows and the game ended after the full-time bell. While both boxers managed to land good exchanges, Bryan managed to drop one on Guidry in the bout’s final seconds. He caught Guidry in the neck, which allowed him to dominate the match.

Bryan managed to land two left hooks, followed by a body shot and several rights to force Guidry on his knees. This onslaught by Bryan allowed him to secure crucial points at the end, which eventually decided the match in his favor.

Final Scoreline

Trevor Bryan: 118-109, 116-111

Jonathan Guidry: 115-112

Robson Conceicao Vs. Xavier Martinez

Oklahoma witnessed a thrilling match between Robson Conceicao (2016 Olympic gold medallist) and Xavier Martinez at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The Olympic gold medalist defeated Martinez with a unanimous decision.

The match was intense as Martinez nearly wobbled Conceicao in the third round. However, Conceicao survived the threat and dominated the fight with piercing shots. The match ended in the tenth round with 99-91, 100-90, and 98-92.

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