Volkanovski vs. the Korean Zombie – Volkanovski Retains title with TKO

Volkanovski vs. the Korean Zombie

In a much anticipated between the defending featherweight champion and his veteran challenger, Volkanovski painted his masterpiece to script a perfect win. The UFC 273 delighted UFC enthusiasts with lots of fireworks as Volkanovski broke the Korean Zombie’s barrier in round 4.

The Australian fighter outclassed the Korean Zombie with his perfect combination of precision and movement throughout the fight. He landed various shots on the Korean fighter at will, forcing him down to the floor multiple times.

While Volkanovski’s offense was too dominant, the Korean Zombie looked out of possession and confidence to defuse the onslaught. The damage was so intense that referee Herb Dean had to halt the fight in round 4. In short, Florida witnessed one of the most devastating and dominant performances from Alexander Volkanovski.

As the match progressed

Round 1

After the fighters greeted each other with the traditional tap, Volkanovski got into action, moving around the octagon to find an opening. However, the Korean Zombie stood firm as he looked to counter any attempts made by the Australian fighter.

Volkanovski landed a left hand on the Korean Zombie’s face, forcing the Korean fighter to rethink his strategy. The Korean fighter was quick to react as he reached his left arm in an attempt to catch Volkanovski. However, the defending champion evaded the attempt with a swift head movement and defused the attempt.

While both fighters were looking for an opening, an early surge from the Korean Zombie allowed Volkanovski to land a left hand. The moment caught the crowd and the commentators’ attention as Volkanovski followed his stint with multiple body kicks.

The Korean Zombie retaliated with body kicks and wild swings but failed to make a lethal impact. The Australian fighter used the octagon to good effect as he pierced through his opponent’s defense multiple times during round 1.

The Korean fight broke his jinx during the third minute in round 1 when he caught Volkanovski with his left hand. However, the defending champion recovered from the blows and countered the assault with multiple body kicks.

The effect of Volkanovski’s continued damage was evident as the Korean Zombie developed a swollen eye in round 1. The Australian fighter capitalized on this opportunity and escalated the damage with multiple left and right jabs at his opponent.

The Korean Zombie looked wobbled and had no answer for the ongoing assault. It looked like his primary task was to survive the round and solidify his defense. Volkanovski nearly knocked the Korean Zombie in the final minute of round 1. However, the Korean fighter survived the round as the official horn ended the match.

Round 2

The Korean Zombie’s coach advised the fighter to loosen his body and use his kicks to deliver damage. The Korean fighter had clear instructions to deliver damage with counterattacks. On the other hand, Volkanovski was clear with his fight details to go for the kill.

The Korean Zombie approached round two with more caution, inviting Volkanovski to draw forward and attack. However, Volkanovski had other plans in his mind as he continued to hit his opponent with multiple body kicks.

Despite cautious movements from the Korean Zombie, Volkanovski dealt a lethal right hand to dazzle the Korean Zombie. The Korean fighter was nearly on the floor as the crowd erupted with loud roars. Volkanovski tried his best to finish the fight, but the Korean Zombie managed to defuse the Australian’s effort.

The Zombie looked desperate to counter his opponent and landed a perfect left hand to stun the Australian fighter. However, the defending champion pushed the Korean Zombie and forced a takedown to find some breathing space.

The Korean Zombie broke the takedown, stood back on his feet, and moved forward with an offensive strategy. He disturbed the defending champion with multiple body kicks and used the octagon to find an opening. A wild left hook nearly caught the Australian champion as the round ended with the official horn.

Round 3

Both fighters looked different in round 3 as they searched for openings to land the knockout blow. While Volkanovski continued his dominance, the Korean Zombie landed a perfect left hook to get the crowd going.

Although it was not enough to trouble the defending champion, the move filled the Korean fighter with confidence. However, on Saturday, Volkanovski proved to be the better fighter as he landed his punches and kicks at will.

His left and right hand undoubtedly tormented the Korean Zombie as the Korean fight looked wobbled with the assault. The defending champion attempted a takedown halfway through the round as the Korean Zombie desperately tried to get back on his feet.

Volkanovski continuously targeted the Korean Zombie’s nose as the defending champion drained energy from the Korean fighter. Chan Sung Jung tried desperately to time his left hook but couldn’t make the perfect connection to trouble his opponent.

By the end of round 3, Volkanovski could sense victory as the Korean Zombie looked in bad shape and could barely defend against the rising body kicks from the defending champion. Volkanovski caught the Korean Zombie with a massive right hand, flooring his opponent down. However, the Korean Zombie survived the round as the horn marked the full time.

The TKO round

After dominating the fight, Volkanovski’s speed advantage eventually took the Korean Zombie down in the penultimate round. The Australian fighter ensured enough damage to the Korean fighter as the referee ended the fight.

Alexander Volkanovski retained his featherweight title after defeating the Korean Zombie in round 4 in the UFC 273.

Khamzat Chimaev vs. Gilbert Burns

Meanwhile, the people’s main event witnessed Chimaev winning a close encounter after defeating Gilbert Burns with a unanimous decision. The match witnessed two dominant fighters exchanging heavy punches, with Burns wobbling Chimaev multiple times throughout the fight.

Although Chimaev won the fight, fans debated on the scorecards, as many believed Burns was the winner of the welterweight fight. Burns gained momentum in the final round and held a better strike advantage over Chimaev.

However, the Brazilian lost on the judges’ scorecard and ended with a 5-2 career statistics after the match. Meanwhile, Dana White confirmed that a Covington vs. Chimaev fight is on later this year, while Burns released a statement, vowing to continue his chase for the UFC title.

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