Using VPN with IPTV – Pros and Cons

Using VPN with IPTV

VPN or Virtual Private Network helps you to browse the internet without letting your internet service provider gain knowledge of your online activities.

Most people use the VPN to hide the content they are watching, and it can also be used to block access to your browser by governments or hackers. The introduction of subscription-based websites and IPTV streaming platforms leaves users liable for hacks and fraud.

Most Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) providers require you to add your biodata and bank account details before accessing their content. This leaves the users at significant risk of having their data stolen by hackers or governments.

To prevent this from happening, one can use a VPN to secure themselves from being victims of data theft. It also helps you browse the internet anonymously without fear of being found out.

There are numerous pros and cons of using a VPN with IPTV. This article will help you understand the functions of a VPN with Internet Protocol Television.

What is a Virtual Private Network?

Before going into the pros and cons of VPN with IPTV, let us be clear about what VPN is.

To use the internet, we subscribe to an internet service provider. The ISP then connects you to the websites you want to access on your browser. This seems normal until you find out that your ISP can see whatever you are doing on the internet.

This is where VPN steps in. It prevents your ISP from gaining access to your online activity by masking your original IP address and encrypting the data you have entered. This prevents unwanted parties from monitoring your web activity.

What are the Pros of Using VPN with IPTV?

People use VPNs with IPTV as it helps secure their connection. Let us look at some of them.

Secures your internet connection

Using VPN makes your connection private so that your ISP and other spying parties do not get hold of your web activity.

Hackers and government agencies can use the public network you are on to attain valuable details related to you.

Since you use your card details to buy packages on IPTV platforms, it is possible that hackers might steal your card information. VPNs help secure your data and online activity by switching to a private connection.

You can increase your bandwidth

Internet service providers have the power to either decrease or increase the speed of your bandwidth according to the content you are consuming. This practice hampers the stability of your internet service and can annoy the user.

The internet service providers will usually slow down your bandwidth’s speed while downloading or uploading content. They do this to secure their resources, but it affects users like you and me.

VPNs can help tackle this problem by rerouting your connection to suitable servers. If your VPN connects to a server where the content you are consuming is being streamed from, you will experience a much faster internet service.

It can also be the case that connecting a VPN to a server with minimal traffic will increase the speed of the internet. This will give the user a much better browsing experience.

VPNs provide access to blocked contents in your country

Canada, the UK, and South Africa have aggressive ISPs that tend to throttle/block Live TV traffic, especially during important events such as important soccer matches, which prevent users to watch channels.

That is why Roomba TV encourages clients, especially from the mentioned regions above to use VPN for a better watching experience.

VPNs protect you from legal issues

The renowned cable TV companies do not allow users to consume content from streamers that infringe copyright. The streamers share content for free through their streaming platforms, causing the big companies to lose revenue.

So, to avoid legal confrontations with these platforms, you can use a VPN while streaming content on IPTV services. Since IPTV services are making these traditional TV companies lose their businesses, there will be many upcoming legal cases against streamers.

VPNs will help you avoid such confrontations by securing your internet privacy.

What are the Cons?

Like everything in life, there are always two sides to a coin. Along with the advantages, VPNs also come with a couple of cons.

VPNs are banned in some countries

In some countries, ISPs have banned the use of VPNs with IPTV due to security and copyright issues.

Another reason to ban VPNs is that some countries like to have control over the content their people have access to. This can be because of the country’s cultural or religious values.

If your ISP finds out that you are using a VPN to watch blocked content, it can take action against you by slowing down your IPTV connection or completely blocking your access to IPTV services.

Premium VPN Services are Expensive

You can find many VPNs online that are free of cost, but to get the best content from IPTV streaming platforms, you will have to pay for their premium services.

Free VPNs lack the resources to accommodate multiple servers. Having multiple servers ensure a better and faster connection than a single server. So, if you want to get the best usage for VPNs with IPTV, it will cost you some extra expenditure.

Major IPTV Services Discourage the Use of VPNs

The major IPTV streaming platforms discourage the use of VPNs since it affects their revenue. It is also discouraged because some parties use it to distribute copyrighted content.

However, Roomba TV does not block VPN providers. We actually encourage users to use VPNs for a better watching experience.

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