Upcoming NBA games 20th November 2021

The NBA season is underway, and fans are enjoying some of the best actions. Rivalries are hot, and the teams are battling out for the ultimate championship. The star players are delivering week in and week out and making history by breaking records.

So if you don’t want to miss out on any game, don’t worry! Here’s a look at the teams playing against each other on 20th November.

How many games are on 20th November?

There are six games scheduled for 20th November.

  • Hornets Vs. Pacers
  • Nets Vs. Magic
  • Pistons Vs. Warriors
  • Bucks Vs. Thunder
  • Pelicans Vs. Clippers
  • Celtics Vs. Lakers

Eastern Conference VS Western Conference

When the East meets the West, it’s always a treat to watch the NBA games! Fans will get to see three games with six teams battle it out on the 20th. Here’s a look at the teams.

Eastern Conference

  • Pistons
  • Celtics
  • Thunder

Western Conference

  • Warriors
  • Lakers
  • Bucks

The NBA weekend will see the Pistons meet the Warriors. This could be one of the biggest challenges for the Pistons. It almost seems like a mismatch, given how they stand at the table. The Warriors are top of the table, while the Pistons are second from the bottom. With an impressive record of thirteen wins so far in the season, the Warriors don’t like they will drop their momentum. So all the pressure is on the Pistons if they can pull something out of the game.

Celtics Vs. Lakers will be one of the games to watch. Both teams are ninth in the table standings, and they can’t afford to lose the game. They also have a long history of rivalry in the NBA, making it more exciting! The Lakers also have one of their biggest star Lebron James in the team, so all eyes will be on him to see some spectacular moves.

Bucks Vs. Thunder is another game where both teams are almost evenly matched in terms of the stats so far. They are currently mid-table, and winning the game on the 20th is crucial if they want to improve their table standings. So they will give in everything they have to ensure that victory.

The other three games that are on 20th

The Eastern Conference will see the Pacers go against the Hornets, who are favourites to win. With ten losses in the season, the Pacers are struggling to get back on their feet. Although the Hornets are sitting fifth in the table, they look in better shape, and they will look to seal the victory to catch the other top teams on point. If they don’t win, it will be tough for them to get to the top four in the season.

Nets will also take on Orlando Magic, who are currently bottom of the table. The Nets are hot favourites to win the game given their current form, and it will take something special for the Magic to pull off a surprise. Nets are level on points and win rate with Miami Heat. Currently, they stand second in the table, and they will try to take the top spot with a win when they meet Magic.

The Western Conference will see the Pelicans go against the Clippers. As it stands, Pelicans are struggling and sit second from bottom at the table. Clippers still have a lot to improve if they want to compete for the championship, but they are sixth on the table. So a win is crucial for them when they meet the Pelicans. Most people expect it will be an easy win against the Pelicans, but the pressure is always there. So they will have to make sure that nothing gets in their way to ensure victory.

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