UFC Vegas 48: Jamahal Hill vs. Johnny Walker

UFC Vegas 48

The UFC Fight Night 48 produced a couple of outstanding fights for MMA fans to remember. This event was held on February 19th, 2022, at the UFC Apex in Nevada, Las Vegas. This card had a lot of interesting match-ups and it did not disappoint. It provided wrestling and grappling fans with a lot of fun fights too.

The main event of this card was between Jamahal “Sweet Dreams” Hill and Johnny Walker, number 10 ranked fighter in fighting in the Light Heavyweight division. There was a big build-up to this fight with both fighters looking to knock each other out.

Main Event

The UFC delivered what the fans wanted and the event turned out to be a big success. The main event was the main attraction on this card as Jamahal Hill and Johnny Walker entered the ring to face off for their fight in the light heavyweight category.

Jamahal Hill was fighting out of the blue corner, representing the state of Michigan, USA. His record in professional fighting before this fight was 9-1-1NC (No Contest). His official weight coming into the fight was 205 lbs. His opponent, Johnny walker, fought out of the red corner, representing Brazil, weighing 206 pounds after the official weigh-ins. He had a record of 16-6-0 before this fight and

The hype was big but the fight did not last for too long as Jamahal Hill knocked out Johnny walker in the third minute of the first round itself. Many fight fans expected a tough contest between the two fighters and predicted a win for Johnny Walker. Jamahal Hill had plans of his own and shocked everyone by sending Walker to sleep with a swing of his right fist to the head of Walker.

A Walk through the Main Event Fight

The fight started a little slow with Walker trying to plan a few jabs and kicks. He used his height to his advantage by using his right leg to plant kicks on Hill. Hill dodged Walker’s attacks and also tried to counter with his left kicks. Both guys were throwing everything intending to knock each other out.

Hill stuck to his game plan and did not let Walker push him towards his back to the cage. He instead applied pressure on Walker and kept pushing forward so that Walker would not have the space and time to size up one of his deadly right kicks. As this pressure went on, Walker might have lost his composure and went to hit Hill with a left jab and a right fist but Hill countered his advances by landing a heavy right fist on Walker’s temple sending him to sleep with his back to the cage. As Walker fell backward and landed on the canvas, Hill followed with another punch on Walker’s right jaw just to make sure that he wins the bout.

Jamahal knocked out Johnny walker in 2 minutes and 55 seconds of the first round and took a huge step towards a big career in the UFC.

Co-Main Event – Kyle Daukaus vs. Jamie Pickett

The other co-main event was fought between Kyle Daukaus and Jamie Pickett in the middleweight division category. This bout also ended in the first round via submission with only 1 second remaining on the clock.

Daukaus applied pressure on Pickett and was able to pin him to the ground from the early stages of the first round. Daukaus tried to submit Pickett but he was able to get up from the canvas and continued to absorb the pressure. As Pickett tried to get away from Kyle’s hold on his body, Kyle Daukaus landed a right hand and followed it with another left swing on Pickett’s head. After landing those punches, Daukaus again pinned Pickett on the ground and submitted Pickett with the D’Arce choke to win the fight.

Pickett tapped out with just a second left to spare in the first round.

Stand-out Fights of the Night

There were a couple of performances that stood out on this card. From knockouts to submissions, fight lovers all over the globe were able to feast their eyes on some serious talents. They all received bonuses of $50,000 each.

Jamahal Hill knocked out Johnny Walker at 2:55 minutes into the first round. David Onama pulled out a ridiculous 14-punch combo to send Gabriel Benitez to the canvas in the prelim fights. This was the stand-out match in the prelims.

In the women’s category, Stephanie Egger defeated Jessica-Rose Clark using submission. She used an armbar on Clark making her tap out at 3:44 of the first round.

Kyle Daukaus was also able to get a win over Jamie Pickett using submission. He used D’Arce choke on Pickett which saw him tap out just one second before the end of the first round. That was a shocker for everyone watching.

All these four fighters received a bonus payment of $50,000 each for their outstanding performances.

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Overall the UFC Vegas 48 was a huge success and delivered pure entertainment to the fans across the globe like it always does.

Fight Nights like this give upcoming fighters the platform to showcase their potential and make their way towards the top-flight division. It was a great night for the winners and a learning experience for the losers.

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