UFC Vegas 44: Updates!

UFC Vegas 44: Font Vs. Aldo

UFC Vegas 44 had all the fans excited for the return of the veteran and former featherweight champion Jose Aldo. It was the perfect matchup for him going up against Rob Font in the bantamweight division. The night in Vegas did not disappoint the fans because there were some excellent fights, and the UFC delivered as usual. So in case, you missed it, here’s how it went down in Nevada.

The main event

Currently, Rob Font is ranked 4th, and Jose Aldo is ranked 5th in the Bantamweight division. But all eyes were on Aldo, the Brazilian legend. Ever since his last two fights, he has looked sharper and at his best. So coming into the fight, he looked the favorite to win. But Font is a formidable opponent and one of the best in the division, so it wasn’t easy for the veteran to execute a finish, which is why the fight went for all five rounds.

As expected, Font started aggressively and immediately pressured the veteran. He started throwing leg kicks early on and landed some of his punches. But Aldo’s experience kept him away from any real danger. Towards the end of round one, he landed a right hand that dropped Font, and it was a narrow escape for him.

The second round started similarly. Although Font was more active, the counter shots from Aldo kept disturbing him. The exchanges kept getting more, and both fighters started throwing in everything. Aldo went for the knees with some leg kicks and switched the game towards round three. Also, he had one eye swollen, and his power shots kept Font at bay. He dropped Font again in round four with a punch but could not finish him.

Font knew he had to get the finish to the fifth and final round if he wanted to win. He charged and pressured from round five and successfully executed his shots. But after about two minutes, Aldo came back strong and rocked him with another right hand. The final second of the round had fans on the edges, and it ended with a bang. In the end, Jose Aldo won via unanimous decision proving once again that the veteran still has a lot to offer.

Co-main event

The co-main event of the evening had Brad Riddell and Rafael Fiziev from the lightweight division go head to head. Both fighters knew each other well because they were training partners. So it was going to be interesting to see how they approached the fight.

As expected, they both went into the octagon and started to fight cautiously, taking the time to find their range and observe the movements. But they soon shifted their gears and started throwing in kicks and punches. Some of the shots landed for both fighters, which weren’t soft shots. The fans know their capabilities and both fighters brought that to the game. It was evident after the first round that they were looking to finish the opponent, and it was just a matter of time.

As the fight progressed, Fiziev was landing more significant shots. His counter shots were on point on the night, which made the difference. One of his elbows landed on Riddell, and that cut him open. But that didn’t stop him from pressing, and both fighters went for the finish.

Fiziev landed a fantastic wheel kick that came out of nowhere in the third round. It wobbled Riddell and Fiziev knew it was his moment to go for the finish. But the referee saw the damage and immediately stopped the fight. The night belonged to Rafael Fiziev as he won via TKO.

Main card fights

Apart from the two excellent fights, the main card had three more fantastic fights. Crute Vs. Hill was one of the highly anticipated fights for UFC Vegas 44. The two heavyweights had some fascinating pre-fight history, and the fans got pumped to see them in the octagon. But as it went, the fight didn’t last longer than a minute. Crute landed a brutal right hand in the first round that immediately dropped Hill to the mat. He won via knockout at one minute and forty-eight seconds of the first round.

The lightweight division had Guida VS. Santos, two excellent fighters. The fans expected fireworks, and they were right. From the first round, both fighters started aggressively with punches and kicks. They were swinging from all angles, and both of them kept landing shots. Guida was more successful in his striking, and he soon took Santos to the ground. He started to ground and pound, and it looked almost over until the bell rang. But in the second round, Guida dragged him to the canvas and choked him out.

Chris Curtis won against Brendan Allen via second-round stoppage. That now makes it two in two for him against Brendan Allen.

Alex Morono and Mickey Gall went all three rounds in the welterweight division. Both fighters had their moments. In round one, Morono rocked Gall, and in round two, Gall rattled him. But Morono’s striking made the difference on the night, and it was enough to get the win via unanimous decision.

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