UFC Fight Night, Las Vegas – Luque Vs. Muhammad 2

UFC Fight Night, Las Vegas

Vincente Luque and Belal Muhammad met for the second time in the octagon after 5 years at the Apex Arena in Las Vegas at 8:30 PM, April 16, 2022. Belal “Remember The Name” Muhammad brought his A-game to the octagon and defeated Vincente Luque with a scoreline of 49-46, 49-46, and 48-47.

Both these fighters made a name for themselves since the last time they met. Luque knocked out Belal in the first fight with a giant left hook. Since then, it was only a matter of time till they met again in the welterweight division.

Saturday’s UFC Fight Night allowed these fighters to fight on the main event card, and they did not disappoint.

UFC Fight Night – As It Happened

The show kicked off with the undercard fight between Mounir Lazzez and Ange Loosa in the welterweight division.

This fight saw both fighters willing to stand up and fight instead of wrestling and grappling on the ground. The fight ended with Lazzez emerging victorious after a unanimous decision. It lasted for three rounds, and Loosa deserved all the credit for taking up the fight on such short notice.

The next match-up saw Pat Sabatini and TJ Laramies in the featherweight division. This fight was very strategic, and Sabatini emerged the winner after successive takedowns in all three rounds.

In the women’s category, Mayra Silva and Yanan Wu faced each other in the bantamweight division. This match was a little controversial as fans of mixed martial arts disagreed with the decision of the judges to award the win to Silva.

The match started with the women showing their prowess on the canvas. They went back and forth in the first round, but Silva emerged victorious with a dominant display. In the second round, Wu came with a reenergized spirit, started landing several combinations, and landed a massive takedown.

The third round also saw Wu being the more aggressive fighter. She was clearly the one on top of her game, but the judges awarded Silva with the win. This was not taken well by most fight fans worldwide.

This is why there is a saying that fighters should not leave it to the hands of the judges to decide a fight. You are the master of your destiny and should try to finish the opponent in the octagon.

Performance of the Night

The Prize for “Performance of The Night” went to the fight between Miguel Baeza and Andre Fialho in the welterweight division. Both fighters walked away with bonuses of $50,000 each for the outstanding show they put on.

In the initial minutes of the first round, both fighters were careful and measured their options. Things took a significant turn when Baeza attacked Fialho with punches and jabs that left Fialho a little weak in the knee.

This went on till Fialho found an opening to strike Baeza with an uppercut. He followed that up with a left hook which saw the opponent land on the canvas. He quickly seized the opportunity and hit Baeza with many hard-hitting ground and pounds.

These attacks on Baeza saw his forehead receive a terrible cut. This led to the referee calling a stop to the fight, and Fialho won with a TKO in minute 04:39 of the first round.

The fight was so entertaining that Dana White called it the performance of the night.

Co-Main Event

The co-main event was between Brazil’s Borralho and Dagestan’s Omargadzhiev in the middleweight category. This was the Brazilian’s UFC debut, and he was to face Omargadzhiev, who was on a winning streak.

Borralho surprised fight fans by dominating the Dagestani for most portions of the fight. He was light on his feet, clever with his strikes, and had an excellent ground game. The Dagestani looked lost and could hardly put a stamp on the fight.

However, this fight was ended when Borralho struck a knee to Omargadzhiev’s temple while his hands were clearly on the ground. Borralho won the fight despite the illegal knee as he dominated all three rounds.

Main Event – Luque Vs. Muhammad 2

The stage was finally set for the main event to take place. Luque was the favorite going into this fight because he knocked out Belal in their first fight. People were also doubtful about Belal’s striking abilities going into this fight.

As the first round started, Luque seemed to have increased the speed of his jabs and other significant strikes. However, Belal and his team came into the fight with a game plan, and they stuck with it.

It was visible that Belal’s game plan was to switch stances and move left and right every now and then. This technique ensured that Luque would find it hard to measure a strike like in the first fight.

As soon as Belal saw a window, he grabbed the opportunity and took down Luque. This was a recurring theme throughout the fight. Belal dominated Luque till the end of the second round, with the latter looking like he was out of ideas.

Luque came out strongly in the third round and landed some strikes, and one of them almost knocked out Belal. However, the Palestinian stood his ground and managed to survive the third round unscathed.

Luque was desperate to dominate in the fourth round and made mistakes that led to another takedown. This was the same case in the fifth round too. Belal Muhammad scored 5 takedowns against Luque, the highest by any fighter against Luque.

Belal Muhammad was declared the winner by unanimous decision and was rightly so. He came to the fight as the underdog but with the intention to take revenge for the first fight.

After the win, Belal called out Colby Covington and said that he would love to fight him next. We shall wait and see what transpires between those two.

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