UFC Fight Night: Ketlen Vieira defeats Holly Holm in the Main Event

UFC Fight Night

Controversy rang around the Apex Arena as Ketlen Vieira was adjudged the winner over former champion Holly Holm. The UFC Fight Night took place at the Apex Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday, May 21st, at 7:00 PM ET.

The main event was headed by the Holly Holm vs. Ketlen Vieira fight, and the final decision went to the judges’ scorecard. Vieira was given two rounds over Holly Holm with a 48-47 scoreline.

Michel Pereira and Santiago Ponzinibbio fought in the co-main event slot. It was a very competitive fight, and Pereira won the contest by decision after 3 exciting rounds.

Chidi Njokuani also won over Dusko Todorovic by a technical knockout in the first round itself after catching Todorovic with an excellent elbow.

Overall, UFC delivered another fantastic fight night that fans all around the globe enjoyed watching.

Best Undercard Fights

Though the main event did not entertain everyone as expected, the other fights on the card delivered great entertainment for fight fans.

Chase Hooper vs. Felipe Colares

Chase Hooper faced Felipe Colares in the featherweight division and won the fight by showcasing some excellent fighting abilities. The young fighter put a stop to the contest via TKO in the 3rd round, fetching him 50,000 dollars for his fantastic performance.

After making his UFC debut in 2019 as a 20-year-old, Chase Hooper had a promising start. He faced Daniel Teymur and defeated him in his first fight, sending alarm bells ringing around the fight world. However, he went downhill after his debut as he lost his next couple of fights.

This win has definitely put him back on the right track, and we can only see better performances from him in the future.

Jailton Almeida vs. Parker Porter

Jailton Almeida produced an excellent show of his grappling skills as he submitted Parker Porter to get the win. This heavyweight fight did not last long as Jailton proved he was a better fighter by submitting Porter in the first round.

This win has put Jailton right up there as one of the hottest rising stars on the UFC roster. There were no flaws in his fight game in the short period he lasted in the octagon.

Most of his previous fights in the UFC happened in the light heavyweight category, but he stepped up a notch to the heavyweight division for this fight. It showed the flexibility in his toolbox and his readiness to take on anybody to reach his targets.

Chidi Njokuani vs. Dusko Todorovic

Chidi Njokuani is perhaps one of the most exciting fighters in the middleweight division, and he proved that on Saturday night by smashing Dusko Todorovic in the first round.

Njokuani dominated Todorovic the whole time before the final blow. It came when Njokuani caught Dusko with his elbow on the temple of his face. The impact of the elbow was so powerful that the referee called an end to the fight, giving Njokuani the win with a TKO.

With this win, Chidi Njokuani picked up another 50k bonus for his outstanding performance and did justice to the hype that surrounds him.

Co-Main Event – Santiago Ponzinibbio vs. Michel Pereira

This fight was undoubtedly the one that got everyone out of their seats. Michel Pereira defeated Santiago Ponzinibbio with an excellent show of grit and determination in the welterweight division.

The fight ended up going to the judges’ scorecard, but that does not tell the whole story. Both fighters showed why they were fighting at this level and landed many powerful strikes on one another. Pereira kept it professional when under pressure at times, but he landed the bigger punches and hooks.

His hooks really impacted Ponzinibbio’s performances and caught him multiple times. This fight proved why people call him ‘Demolidor.’

Pereira gained popularity because of his fighting style, where he would go wildly at opponents during fights. Such a fighter is bound to climb up the rankings in no time, and he will be pitted against the best fighters in the welterweight division.

Pereira has everything it takes to reach the top. His fighting skills and the ability to remain calm under pressure are some of the qualities that prove he is an elite fighter. On his day, he can match up with any elite fighter.

It will not be a surprise for fans to see if he faces a top-ten fighter in his next bout.

Main Event – Holly Holm vs. Ketlen Vieira

Ketlen Vieira and Holly Holm faced each other in the women’s bantamweight division – a fight that was marred with a little bit of controversy over the judges’ decisions.

Ketlen Vieira won the bout with a 48-47 scoreline for two rounds against Holm’s one round. The bout was overall not up to the mark, but Ketlen used whatever she could to give the judges a decision to make.

Most fans felt that Holly Holm dominated Vieira over the first round and the third round, but it was the second round that made an impact on the scoreline. The second round saw Ketlen Vieira using a standing rear-naked choke on Holly Holm that almost saw her submit. However, Holm was somehow able to escape the submission.

Other than the rear-naked choke, Vieira did not bring much to the table as Holm was the one landing the most strikes and putting pressure on Vieira. It will be interesting to know what the judges saw in this fight that made them give the win to Ketlen Vieira, but it still doesn’t take away the fact that Ketlen Vieira was the winner of the fight.

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