UFC Fight Night – Jan Blachowicz defeats Alexander Rakic

UFC Fight Night

UFC fans saw the former light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz face Alexander Rakic in the main event at the Apex Arena in Las Vegas on May 14th at 7:00 PM ET.

Jan Blachowicz won with a TKO in the 3rd round as Rakic went down with an injured leg which deemed him unable to continue. It was a negative end to a fight that had so much attention from fight fans.

The co-main event was fought between Ryan Spann and Ion Cutelaba. It was an exciting fight where Spann made the most of it by defeating Cutelaba with a guillotine choke.


The UFC Fight Night started with a fight between Jake Hadley and Allan Nascimento in the flyweight division. It was a professional affair as Hadley won the bout by decision after 3 rounds. All the three judges scored the fight 30-27 in favor of Allan Nascimento.

The next match saw Frank Camacho coming up against Manuel Torres, a debutant in the UFC octagon, in the lightweight division. Torres made a big impression after knocking out Frank Gamacho, one of the most feared fighters in the lightweight division. The knockout came in the first round with a right hook that shook Frank Gamacho.

In the women’s flyweight division, Katlyn Chookagian took on Amanda Ribas, and this was a fight that did not disappoint. Both women went head-to-head, and Katlyn came out the winner in the end by the judges’ decision.

The last fight of the undercard was between Davey Grant and Louis Smolka in the bantamweight division. Both the fighters gave their all in the octagon and gave the fans a night to remember. They went on till the third round, and Grant was finally able to land a knockout punch which put Smolka on the canvas.

Grant came out victorious despite his losses in the two previous bouts and saw his cut out the losing streak. It was indeed an entertaining fight to close the undercard.

Fight of the Night

The Fight of the Night went to the bout between Katlyn Chookagian and Amanda Ribas. This was an unexpected decision for fight fans as most believed that the co-main event fight should have been given the fight of the night.

However, there can be no argument about the quality of this bout. Both women showed their elite fighting skills and exchanged good strikes till the end of the third round. Katlyn Chookagian pipped Amanda Ribas to the victory by a small margin as the fight went to the judges’ decision.

This bout showed a different side of Katlyn Chookagian as she was moving faster and was more intense than in her previous fights. She is usually a slow fighter as we know it, but on Saturday, Katlyn showed fight fans that she could take the game to the opponent too.

The win puts Chookagian in a solid position to move up the rankings and get closer to a title fight against Valentina Shevchenko, the reigning UFC champion in the flyweight division.

Main Event – Jan Blachowicz vs. Alexander Rakic

Jan Blachowicz faced Alexander Rakic in the main event on Saturday’s Fight Night held at the Apex Arena. This match-up was highly anticipated as fans were eager to watch the number one title contender against the upcoming Alexander Rakic, who is always the number 3 title contender.

Jan Blachowicz started the first round with a show of solid striking and grappling, which he is renowned for. He continuously added pressure on the young fighter, but Alexander Rakic also proved why he is the number 3 contender with his fast strikes and intelligent tactics.

Everything was going well for both fighters until the end of the third round, but the worst happened for Rakic. As Blachowicz applied pressure by landing kicks on Rakic’s legs, Rakic suddenly fell on the canvas and held his right knee in pain.

The referee put a stop to the fight, and Jan Blachowicz was declared the winner with a TKO. Jan is hoping to get a shot at the title in his next fight as he rightly deserves so.

Co-Main Event – Ryan Spann vs. Ion Cutelaba

The co-main event saw the most exciting fight of the night as Ryan Spann defeated Ion Cutelaba with a guillotine choke in the first round itself.

Known for his dangerous strikes, Ion went into the octagon with the intention to stand on his feet and fight, but Spann has plans of his own.

Cutelaba started the fight with a right jab and landed a big right hand on Spann’s head that shook him up a little. However, Spann returned with some nice combinations that took Cutelaba to the cage. As Spann went close to pinning him down, Cutelaba slammed him on the canvas.

At first, Spann got back up to his feet and tried the guillotine, which didn’t work. He also landed some punches on Cutelaba but to no effect. Cutelaba took him down, and Spann got back up again.

The turning point in this fight happened when Spann got up to his feet. Cutelaba rushed back to land a punch on him, but he missed. This gave Spann a window of opportunity, and he trapped Cutelaba by his neck, applying the guillotine choke on him successfully this time.

Spann defeated Cutebala with 2 minutes and 37 seconds remaining in the first round. Spann showed a powerful display in this fight and showed how calm he was amid all the pressure applied by Cutebala.

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