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UFC 270

UFC 270: Francis Ngannou Vs. Ciryl Gane was one of the most significant anticipated UFC events for 2022, and it did not disappoint the fans. It’s the first big UFC event for 2022, and it had a stacked card with some of the best fighters. Both the co-main event and the main event had all the fans excited worldwide, and they got to witness some fantastic fights and finishes. So if you missed it, here’s how the event went down and who won on the night.

The main event

The heavyweight division saw two champs go head to head for the UFC heavyweight title. Francis Ngannou is undoubtedly the number one ranked fighter and champion in the division. He quickly rose in the division with his impressive display of power and skills, knocking out opponents one by one. With his victory over former champ and veteran Stipe Miocic, he cemented his place in the division when won the title.

Ciryl Gane was a worthy opponent, and he is one of the best in the division. Coming into the fight with Ngannou, he was undefeated in his UFC career, and if anyone could challenge the champ, it was him. Technically, both fighters could knock opponents out, but Gane also possessed excellent wrestling and submission skills. So the fans couldn’t wait to see what happens when the two fight.

As expected, Gane went for the clinch early on and closed the distance. Ngannou used his striking capabilities from the first round, but Gane fought smartly. Gane landed a beautiful spinning head kick towards the mid-way of the first round, but Francis shook it off. During the clinches, both fighters exchanged blows, but none had much success.

The second round was different. Gane stepped up his striking game and attempted more kicks. Ngannou looked like he was slowing down, but he still kept firing. However, none could cause significant damage. In the third round, the champ slammed down on his opponent and took side control. But towards the end of the round, Gane countered well, got up and threw another spinning elbow that seemed to hurt Ngannou. Towards round four, the champ changed his strategy and went for takedowns, and he successfully took done Gane and took control of the fight. That followed until the end of round five, and he beautifully executed his takedowns and ground control.

The fans expected an explosive finish. But it proved why these two fighters are the best in the division. Ngannou’s game execution and takedowns were enough to defeat Gane unanimously. But it looks like it’s not the end, and the fans could see them fight again soon!

The co-main event

The co-main event was another blockbuster fight. Figueiredo and Moreno knew they had to fight to settle the score a third time. Moreno took the flyweight title after defeating Figueiredo in their previous fight, and the trilogy looked inevitable. They are two of the best in the division, and they always put on a show for the fans.

Both fighters had a cautious approach from the first round. They both knew what the other could do, and any lousy move could end the fight. So they kept striking strategically. Figueiredo is known for his wrestling capabilities, and he attempted takedowns early on.

Round two saw them scramble on the ground, each trying to gain control and look for a submission move. But both fighters got back up and got back to their striking game. The scrambling continued in round three, and as Moreno tried to get up, Figueiredo dropped him with a right hand. It almost looked over, but the bell rang, and the fans were on their feet.

Moreno was still not slowing down in the fourth round. He kept moving and landing shots, but Figuiredo’s striking power kept him at bay. The fifth round was wild, and both went for heated exchanges and hurt each other. The crowd couldn’t stop roaring, and the final horn rang. Figueiredo did enough, and he got back the title on the night. However, he’s still open to fighting Moreno again, and it has the fans excited.

The main card fights

Said Nurmagomedov displayed his fantastic fighting capabilities in the Bantamweight division. It didn’t take long for him to finish his opponent Cody Stamann with a rear-naked choke at forty-seven seconds of round one.

Michael Morales proved his worth by defeating Trevin Giles in the first round via TKO. It was his UFC debut, and the hype was real. After moving from the Contender Series, he looks ready for the Welterweight division.

The Welterweight division saw Michel Pereira win over Andre Fialho via unanimous decision. Fialho is a technical fighter, and he hurt Pereira in the first round. A strong jab cut him open. But the second and third rounds saw him recover and fight back with some excellent combos and kicks. It was enough to go his way and win on the night.

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