UFC 266: Volkanovski Vs. Ortega

UFC 266 delivered what the fans expected, and it was another successful PPV event. With two titles on the line, and the veteran Nick Diaz entering the octagon after six years, the hype was real, and it did not disappoint!

On the main card, featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski successfully defended his title against Brian Ortega. The match had the fans on their toes as they went for the full five rounds. It all looked good for the champ until the third round when Ortega almost submitted him twice. It rocked the T-Mobile Arena and, for a moment, felt like a new champ was on the rise. But Volkanovski showed that he is still the champ and recovered from that round. In the end, a unanimous decision saw him successfully defend his title, putting him on the elite list of UFC fighters with 10-0 in the octagon.

In the women’s flyweight division, the reigning champ Valentina Schevchenko continued her excellent winning streak. She has cleaned out the division and remains undefeated, which is a remarkable feat! A fourth-round TKO sealed the victory over her opponent Lauren Murphy.

And finally, Nick Diaz Vs. Robbie Lawler 2 was the ‘people’s main event.’ However, the performance of Nick Diaz disappointed some of the fans. Although he put on a good show, Lawler came fully prepared and got the win with a TKO.

Overall, UFC 266 lived up to the hype and saw two world-class champions walk out the octagon with the belt still on their waist.

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