The NFL Wild-Card Round For 2021-22

NFL Wild Card Round

It’s time for the wild card playoffs after a crazy eighteen weeks of pure NFL action. The top teams from the different divisions are through for the championship shot, and three more will join them. So the fans still have hope if their team made it to the wild card playoffs. Altogether, fourteen teams will compete, three will make it to the slot, and some exciting games for all the NFL fans.

So read on and find out which teams will face off on January sixteen.

The NFL wild card teams

Here are the wild card teams that will play on January sixteen.

  • Bengals Vs. Raiders
  • Bills Vs. Patriots
  • Buccaneers Vs. Eagles

Bengals Vs. Raiders

In a tight game, the first game will have the Bengals go up against the Raiders. Although the Bengals lead the AFC North, they have struggled this season. They have ten wins and seven losses and haven’t lived up to the fans’ expectations. But the good news is, they made it to the wild card round. So there’s hope for the teams and the fans. They can finish the season on a high despite their drawbacks.

The Raiders from the AFC West had a tough season. They had to fight to earn their spot in the wild card, and the Chargers were close to beating them. But they made it, much to the fans’ relief. They share the same stats with the Bengals, ten wins and seven losses. So now they have a chance to make it to the championship with the wild card entry.

Both teams know how important the upcoming game is. It’s probably the most crucial game of the season for them, and they need to be at their best. The wild card round is always exciting to watch, and these two teams will deliver a spectacular performance for the fans. The Bengals will need players like Rey Maualuga, Carlos Dunlap, Jermaine Gresham and Mike Nugent to step up their performances on the day. The Raiders will also rely on their star players Josh Jacobs, Yannick Ngakoue, Kolton Miller and Darren Waller to give the Bengals a challenging game.

Bills Vs. Patriots

The second game on January sixteen will be the Bills Vs. the Patriots. The Bills and Patriots went neck to neck this season. Currently, the Bills have a slight edge over them with eleven wins and six losses. The fans and experts did predict that both these teams from the AFC East will make it to the championship. But now, only one will make it through, and it will be a fantastic game because both teams have been consistent this season.

The Patriots lost a crucial game, and that was a huge setback. They have ten wins and seven losses and are second in the AFC East table. But they have what it takes to win a game and will pressure the Bills when they meet. Players like QB Mac Jones and RB Damien Harris have a huge task ahead, but it could play a significant and decisive role if they can step it up. But the Bills also have an excellent team of players, and quarterback Josh Allen is one of them. So get ready for an action-packed NFL wild-card game!

Buccaneers Vs. Eagles

The final game on January sixteen will be the Buccaneers Vs. the Eagles. The Buccaneers have been terrific this season in the NFC South, and they registered an impressive thirteen wins and four losses and topped the table. On the other hand, the Eagles lost a few crucial games and fell short of the Cowboys. They have nine wins and eight losses and are currently second.

Based on their stats, it looks like the Buccaneers are in better shape and position to register another win. But the Eagles know it’s their final chance, and they will bring the heat when they take on the Buccaneers. The Eagles have fantastic players who can change the course of the game, and the coach knows that he can rely on them. It will be their most significant and most crucial game of the season, and they will ensure that mistakes don’t happen. Players like CB Darius Slay, DE Brandon Graham, WR Jalen Reagor and TE Dallas Goedert need to be fit and ready for the crucial game.

The Buccaneers, too, have a fantastic team, and one of their best players, quarterback Tom Brady is the one they can count on. But it’s a team game, and the coach knows it, so you can expect a different game from them despite their advantage because the wild card round is crucial.

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