Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Colorado Avalanche – Stanley Cup Finals

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Colorado Avalanche

The Tampa Bay Lightning will host Colorado Avalanche at the Amalie Arena on Wednesday night, June 22nd, 2022, at 8:00 PM ET. After the end of Game 3 at the Stanley Cup Finals, Colorado leads the series 2-1, with another 4 games to be played.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs Colorado Avalanche

The Colorado Avalanche won the first two games, 4-3 and 7-0, respectively. The third game saw Tampa Bay showing why they are the defending champions and had an inspired performance to win 6-2.

As they head into Game 4, both teams will be hoping for a win to reach a step closer to lifting the coveted trophy.

Game 3 Analysis

The third game of the series saw better composure from Tampa Bay’s players as they saw off Colorado with a convincing 6-2 win. This win comes after a bitter defeat on Game 2 with a final score of 7-0.

Colorado Avalanche

Colorado Avalanche had a great game that doesn’t really reflect on the end result. They had 39 shots as opposed to Tampa Bay’s 32. That is one of Colorado’s main characteristics as a team, as they do not shy away from taking as many shots as possible at the opponent’s goal. Although they lost, their goal expectancy exceeded the Lightning.

The problems Colorado faced in Game 3 were apparent as they were being outplayed in some critical areas of the game. The Avalanche did not expect what was coming to them in this game, as the Lightning came out with more intensity and physicality that was missing in their first two games.

Colorado Avalanche

Colorado had a poor tally of hits as they could only manage 27 compared to the Lightning’s 40. In the face-offs, Colorado had a mere 31 wins out as opposed to Tampa Bay’s 43.

The statistics above show that the Colorado Avalanche had a disappointing game as their main strength is keeping possession of the puck and dictating play. Game 3 saw the Tampa Bay Lightning take on that role instead. Getting it wrong in those areas is what led to the meltdown in Game 3 for Colorado.

On an individual level, the goaltender for Colorado had a shocker as he recorded a poor -1.96 GSAE. Darcy Kuemper was all over the place as he could not seem to keep out shots from the Lightning. Everybody goes through some bad days at the office, and game 3 was one of those for Kuemper.

Fans of the Avalanche have been calling out for the inclusion of Pavel Francouz in the playoffs as they feel he is a better fit than Kuemper on goaltending duties.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay finally resurrected at their home arena in Game 3 as they beat the Avalanche with a convincing scoreline. That puts them a game behind the Avalanche, making the series 2-1.

Tampa Bay’s attackers took outright advantage of the poor performance from Colorado’s goalkeeper. It was like a field day outing for the guys in Lightning kits. They did lose the 5-on-5 EG battle, which doesn’t really matter.

On the opposite goal, Tampa Bay’s Andrei Vasilevskiy had a great night out to remember in Game 3. He managed to stop all the shots on goal by the Avalanche attack. The only shots that went past him were the two goals scored by Colorado.

Andrei Vasilevskiy

He has been having a great season for the Lightning and is one of the team’s talismans. There is no goalie that is better than Vasi at this moment, and that is a big statement to make when there have been great goalkeepers in other teams also. The remaining games will be a big test for Vasi as he will indeed get tested by the Avalanche because of their high shooting probabilities.

He needs to be on point and fully focused ontrying and helping his team win a third straight championship. The Colorado Avalanche knows how to put pressure on opposing teams as they like to keep possession and dictate the game’s pace. If Tampa Bay’s goalkeeper plays a big role in landing their third straight Stanley Cup, he will go down in the city’s folklore as one of the greatest to have ever played for them.

The Lightning is not the best team in the league when it comes to 5 on 5 plays. So, it will be interesting to see how the 4th game pans out on Wednesday at the Amalie Arena.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Colorado Avalanche – Game 4 Preview

The Amalie Arena is one of the most iconic stadiums in the NHL, and the Tampa Bay seems to manage somehow to win there at all times. There have been many iconic moments in this stadium that can give the Lightning the motivation they require to get past the Avalanche.

They win most of their games at home, and with the ever-growing status of Vasilevskiy’s heroics in goal, it might be a little hard for Colorado Avalanche to get over the line.

However, that is not to say that Colorado cannot win the series and become champions of the Stanley Cup Finals. They have an excellent crop of players that can cause problems to Tampa Bay’s defense. Once they start controlling the game’s pace, the Lightning will find it difficult to cope with the constant attempts on goal.

Many people believe that Colorado has what it takes to win the Cup but there is a high chance that the Tampa Bay Lightning will snatch the 4th Game in their home arena.

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