Rolando Romero vs. Gervonta Davis – Tank scores a late TKO

Rolando Romero vs. Gervonta Davis

In a much-anticipated match on the WBA circuit, Gervonta Davis, aka Tank, defeated Rolando Romero in the 6th round with a TKO.

Boxing fans at the Brooklyn Barclays Center, New York City, witnessed a calculate bout where both fighters were cautious and disciplined throughout the match.

However, Davis broke his stance and hurled a left hand that caught a hurrying Romero on the face.

Although Davis admitted that his TKO punch was half-hearted, it did enough to convince the referee, who ended the fight after examining Romero. The win propels Davis to a potential WBA lightweight title contender where he can face Ryan Garcia, Devin Haney, or George Kambosos Jr. in the future.

On the other hand, the defeat has ended the winning streak as Romero registered his first loss since his professional debut in 2016. Rolly will be disappointed with his performance as he had the upper hand till the 6th round.

Davis vs. Romero – Match progression

Romero controlled the fight with his discipline and calculated offense to dominate the match. He used the ring better than his opponent and maneuvered skillfully to keep Davis at bay.

Although Davis had a reach advantage, he couldn’t capitalize on his strength at will, allowing Romero to use his jabs with minimal fuss. Romero continuously found his mark with his trademark uppercuts and lefts hands, defusing Davis’s counter attempts.

Romero’s strategy of circling Davis and landing punches whenever possible secured many points for the orthodox fighter, allowing him to control the game.

However, Davis was never bothered by the onslaught as he managed to defuse his opponent’s attempts. The fighters exchanged punches throughout the first round, ending with the judges awarding 9 and 10 to Davis and Romero.

Romero continues his dominance.

Romero used his orthodox stance to good effect, using his jabs and uppercuts to good effect. However, Romero received warnings for foul shots as he used his elbows on Davis.

Romero’s elbows were consistent, and at one point, he pushed Davis down on the canvas and repeatedly used his elbows to take advantage of the situation. However, Davis used his defensive skills to counter the onslaught as the referee warned Romero of repeated fouls.

Romero and Davis looked convincing during the third round, exchanging punches to secure points. However, both failed to land a lethal blow as the official timer closed the round.

Romero’s scorecard looked promising at the end of the third round as he scored more points than his opponent. Davis kept his chances close as he got a total score of 27 after the third round.

It looked like Romero was heading for a comfortable win as he impressed the judges more than his opponent.

Davis turns the scoreline.

After underperforming his reputation and skills, Davis finally picked his pace in the fourth round, securing more points than his opponent. He used the ring to perfection, landing punches at will.

However, Romero also found his groove in the latter half of the fourth round, securing points with his signature left uppercuts. Davis managed to secure the fourth round as the judges awarded him 10 points while Romero scored a 9.

However, Davis knew that he had to continue his pace to secure a win if the result was going for a unanimous decision.

Romero rises again

After a brief halt where Davis dominated the fourth round with superior reach and better movement, Romero upped the ante in the fifth round. The orthodox fighter used his left hand to perfection, landing various strikes on his opponent.

Davis managed to counter the onslaught with his left hand but couldn’t impress the judges on the points tally. The judges scored the round in favor of Romero, who secured a 10 against Davis’s 9.

The equation after the fifth round was clear Romero was the favorite to win the match. However, what came next was thrilling and expected from a man who had 24 TKOs under his belt before this match.

Davis secures the match with a TKO

After dominating the fight till the fifth round, Romero was confident in his performance. However, he wanted to seal the match and followed Davis to unleash his lethal punches.

On the other hand, Davis was calm and looked for the right opportunity to pounce on his opponent. Davis’s calmness got him the reward when his left hand caught a charging Romero on the face.

The strike left Romero startled as he crashed down on the canvas after his face kissed the ropes. The referee began his count, and a desperate Romero tried to get back on his feet.

Although Romero beat the referee’s count, his unclear responses didn’t provide enough confidence to the referee, who decided to end the fight.

In short, what looked like a one-sided dominance from a younger boxer, ended in a dramatic TKO from the man who registered the 27th win of his career.

Final result: Gervonta Davis defeated Rolando Romero via TKO in the 6th round.

What happened after the match?

Both Romero and Davis entered the match as undefeated fighters, meaning one of them would have to taste a loss for the first time. While Romero was younger than Davis, the Southpaw had more experience than his opponent.

The win propelled Davis to his 27th career win and a chance to take a shot at the WBA lightweight title. His future fight could come against Devin Haney, Ryan Garcia, or George Kambosos Jr., which Davis confirmed that he was ready for anyone.

In short, fans can expect more upcoming WBA thrillers in the coming months, where Davis will take a shot at the WBA lightweight title.

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