Rob Font vs. Marlon Vera – Vera dominates with a late surge

Rob Font vs. Marlon Vera

UFC Vegas 53 buzzed under the bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada, as Marlon Vera defeated Rob Font by unanimous decision. The grueling five-round match witnessed a battered face, a close knockout chance, and the dedication of two fighters who fought till the end.

Despite fighting with a bloodied face, Rob Font kept the fight alive till the fifth round, while Marlon Vera got multiple chances to close the game but couldn’t capitalize on the opportunities. In short, both fighters had equal chances to win the match, but Vera secured the game with a late surge.

As the match progressed

Font dominated the first and second rounds with significant strikes, creating a new record in the bantamweight category. He landed over 200 strikes throughout the match, making his the first bantamweight fighter to reach that figure.

Although Font dominated the first half of the match, Vera upped his ante and came back strong in the later parts of the game. Vera looked determined in the second half, matching Font’s agility and surviving the American fighter’s early onslaught.

Despite Font’s constant pressure during the first half, Vera produced some magical moments and showcased his MMA prowess by landing crucial blows on Font. Vera’s brutal blows punctured Font’s face, and it was all blood and bruises after the 25th minute.

Vera produced a higher strike percentage in the match and worked on calf kicks from the onset. However, Font countered with body kicks and almost finished the fight in the 45th second of the first round. Vera survived the onslaught and continued with his low-kick strategy to trouble Font.

However, Font released his arsenal of punches, elbows, and kicks to defuse Vera’s onslaught and his opponent guessing where and how to attack. Additionally, Font used his jabs and uppercuts to good effect, forcing Vera to change his offensive plan to a more defensive option.

The Second half

Although Font’s tactics of combining his kicks and punches to trouble Vera were successful for the first half, Vera adjusted his stance and style to become the dominator from the second innings. Vera unleashed his jabs and kicks, pushing Font across the octagon while testing his defensive abilities.

However, Font defused the surge and didn’t provide any momentum to Vera. Font used the octagon to good effect and forced Vera to alter his offensive strategy. Although Vera managed to land a body kick on his opponent, Font was away from any trouble as he kept his defense strong.

Font countered back and matched Vera’s aggression throughout the match. His historic 200th strike also came during this course, and while Vera had a similar strike percentage in the game, Font reached the landmark quicker than his opponent.

However, Vera inflicted a left hook that put Font down, and it looked like Vera would have the last laugh of the match. However, Font attempted a takedown to find some breathing space, while Vera tried to close the fight with a series of hammer punches and fists.

Vera’s effort in the second round earned him crucial points and undoubtedly placed him ahead on the scorecard. However, Font also landed some punches during the second round, ensuring that judges would have difficulty scoring the round.

When did Font lose the game?

Font altered his offensive strategy and focused more on takedowns instead of strikes. However, he failed to secure a successful takedown with Vera defusing his attempts. Font switched to body kicks, but Vera was quick to adjust his defense, walking out from every assault from Font.

Although Font took to his legs to conquer this fight, Vera produced an absolute blinder when his jumping knee wobbled Font. Vera tried to capitalize on the situation and landed short elbows to finish the fight. However, Vera’s effort had no impact on the referee as the official horn ended the round.

It was the turning point of the game as Font looked in deep trouble after Vera landed his jumping knee. Although Vera couldn’t finish the match, he secured points on the judge’s cards after finishing the third round on a high.

The Penultimate round

After surviving a late scare in the third round, Font looked damaged and wobbled in the fourth round. On the other hand, Vera looked lighter and fresher than his opponent.

Vera continued his dominance in the fourth round, landing punches and kicks on his opponent. Although Font looked bloodied and bruised, he fought well, kept his intentions clear, and evaded knockout blows from Vera.

While both fighters looked for opportunities, Vera produced a face kick, sending Font down to the canvas. Although Vera could have finished the fight with follow-up punches, he allowed Font to recover.

Font fought for the rest of the round with a wobbled head as he could barely make any connection with his punches and kicks. On the other hand, Vera continued to find his kicks and punches, securing more points than his opponent.

Marlon Vera secured his third straight win.

Font’s dedication and conviction as an MMA fighter were commendable as he stuck to his offensive strategy till the end. However, Vera was fresher than his opponent and landed his body shots to perfection.

He used the octagon to tire his opponent further, and Font had literally no energy left as the fifth round entered its final minute. Vera launched his last assault, landing a body kick on his opponent. The body kick wobbled Font as he fell on the canvas.

Marlon Vera secured his third straight victory as he defeated Rob Font via unanimous decision.

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