Old Rivals Red Sox and Yankees set for a New Clash

The Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees spectacularly ended the regular season of the Major League Baseball by a narrow game point each.

Now, they are set to play against each other in the Wildcard game. The winning team will earn their way into the Postseason league.

Towards the end of the six months of 162 games Season, the four teams that stood a chance were: the Toronto Blue Jays, Seattle Mariners, New York Yankees, and the Boston Red Sox. After a dramatic play of events, the latter two teams ended up qualifying for the playoffs with a win-and-loss ratio of 92:70 each.

The other two contenders had striking outcomes.

First, the Blue Jays could have almost made a tiebreak and prolonged their season if they had at least won another single match. They had a win-and-loss ratio of 91-71, a slight mark difference from the Yankees and the Red Sox. Furthermore, Blue Jay’s first baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. made a record with his 48th long ball shot of the season. It boosted the team’s winning points along with the terrific teamwork among the players.

The Toronto players were going head-strong from the beginning with a solid 91 win score even to the end. This easy winning streak is no wonder because the whole team was dominated by talented sluggers, pitchers, runners, and batters. And in the final match, they played against the Baltimore Orioles with an easy success of a 12-4 game score. However, their victory was not too long as they anxiously watched the Red Sox defeat the Washington Nationals by two points.

Second, the Mariners had it all coming when they were set against the Los Angeles Angels. With an opposing team with the MVP Shohei Ohtani pitching, hitting, and running like a pro, the Mariners had to pull back from the race for the wild card. The game ended for them with a stumpy 7-3 loss. Here, the opponent team pitcher Ohtani made his 46th long shot and proved to be the MVP, despite the team’s consistent loss in making it to the Postseason league

Yankees vs. Red Sox: Recap and possible prediction

In the initial innings of the Red Sox, there seemed to be no hope. Even during the final match, the Nationals were winning by four points. However, the climax was towards the end in the ninth inning, when the Red Sox made a surprise comeback by handing over the bat to Rafael Devers. Devers changed the course of the game with his excellent home runs. The bat seemed to come to life in his sturdy hands.

The Tampa Bay Rays put up a tough match for the New York Yankees on Sunday evening. However, in the ninth inning, the Yankees took over the Rays in a blink of an eye. Yankee’s right fielder Aaron Judge made a walk-off ground ball win, and the crowd went crazy. They had made it into the American League Playoffs. And if they win in their match against Red Sox, they’ll be on their way to join the Postseason league.

With the Mariners and the Blue Jays out of the race, it will be a battle between the two rival teams- Yankees and Red Sox. It is hard to ascertain the winner. The home team, Red Sox, is geared up just as much as the Yankees.

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Forthcoming matches (you should not miss)

  • The Yankees and the Red Sox will butt heads on Tuesday evening at Boston.
  • The Dodgers will host the Cardinals for an intense game on Wednesday.
  • On Thursday in Texas, the ALDS will begin for the Houston Astros and the Chicago White Sox.
  • The NLDS will start by Friday with the Atlanta Braves and the Milwaukee Brewers ready for a tough match.



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