NFL Week Thirteen – Full Schedule For Sunday

NFL Week Thirteen

The NFL is nearing the end of the season. It’s week thirteen, and the teams are battling to extend their lead in the table for the championship. NFL Sunday is back this week, and there are seven games scheduled for the day. The excitement is building up for the games, and it will be another blockbuster NFL Sunday. So if you want to know more about it, keep reading!

The NFL teams playing on Sunday

Here are the teams going up against each other on Sunday.

  • Texans Vs. Colts
  • Lions Vs. Vikings
  • Dolphins Vs. Giants
  • Falcons Vs. Buccaneers
  • Jets Vs. Eagles
  • Bears Vs. Cardinals
  • Bengals Vs. Jaguars


Texans Vs. Colts

The Texans are far behind the Colts in the AFC South division. It’s been a bad season for them. With two wins and nine losses, the Texans are not in contention for the championship. Currently, they stand third on the table and share equal game stats with the Jaguars.

The Colts are the favorite to win against the Texans on Sunday, and rightfully so. They have been consistent in their performances, and even though they didn’t have the perfect season, they are not far behind the Titans. Winning on Sunday will make a massive difference for the team, and they will look to impose their game against the Texans.

Lions Vs. Vikings

The lions are the worst performing team in the NFC North this season. They haven’t won a game yet, and things aren’t improving in their performances. So it’s unlikely that they will pull off something extraordinary on Sunday when they take on the Vikings.

Vikings are currently second on the table. If they keep their winning streak and do not loos any more games, they can catch the Packers on points leading the table. But the Packers are in excellent form. Nonetheless, the Vikings are the favorites against the Lions on Sunday.

Dolphins Vs. Giants

The AFC and NFC will go head to head on Sunday. Dolphins Vs. Giants promises to be a fantastic game. But both teams are not having the best of seasons. The Dolphins are third in the table while the Giants are bottom of the table.

The Dolphins have five wins and seven losses which is slightly better than the Giants, who have four wins and seven losses. So it looks like there are no clear favorites when they meet on Sunday, but you can expect a fantastic game! The 2021 NFL season is closing in into the final weeks and if they want to improve, winning every game is crucial.

Falcons Vs. Buccaneers

Falcons Vs. Buccaneers will be an excellent game. They are the table leaders in the NFC South. The Buccaneers are comfortably sitting top of the table, but they know that the Falcons can overtake them if they lose any game. The Falcons are not far behind them, and they are in fantastic form. So it seems like the pressure is on the Buccaneers when they meet on Sunday.

The Falcons are two wins away from matching the Buccaneers. But they also know that if they lose, the other two teams behind them will overtake them. So they will have to step things up to ensure that they win on Sunday against the Buccaneers.

Jets Vs. Eagles

Jets Vs. Eagles are the second AFC Vs. NFC game on Sunday. The Jets are currently bottom of the table. They have only three wins in eleven games and haven’t had the best season starts.

On the other hand, the Eagles have a slightly better record with five wins and seven losses. They are also not far behind Washington, who is second on the table. So winning on Sunday will make a massive difference for them in terms of the rankings and the team confidence. They are also the favorites to win against the Jets.

Bears Vs. Cardinals

The Cardinals are one of the top teams of the season. They have an impressive record of nine wins and two losses far ahead of the other three teams in the NFC West. So they are undoubtedly the hot favorites on Sunday when they go against the Bears.

The Bears are third in the NFC North. They haven’t played their best this season, and the stats reveal that. Coming up against the Cardinals is a massive task for them, and they will need to put on their best game plan if they want to give them a challenge on Sunday.

Bengals Vs. Jaguars

Bengals Vs. Jaguars is probably one of the most anticipated games in the NFL. However, the Jaguars are bottom of the table in the AFC South with only two wins and nine losses. The team has struggled throughout the season. Despite their effort, things didn’t go as planned for the coach. Meanwhile, the Bengals are second in the table in the AFC North and look in excellent form. They are not far behind the Ravens, and they will look to secure the win on Sunday.

Coming into the game on Sunday, the Bengals are the favorites against the Jaguars. It will be a surprise if the Jaguars can pull something off and get their biggest win of the season. But that looks unlikely given their current form and run in the NFL.

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