NFL Week Fourteen – Upcoming Events

NFL Week Fourteen

It’s almost the end of NFL season 2021. After thirteen weeks of high-intensity games and action-packed matches, it enters week fourteen and December 12 promises to be another blockbuster Sunday for the fans. There are four weeks before a team is crowned the season’s champions, and the table is getting tight for the race. So if you want to know who’s playing who you’re in the right place! Here are the details for week fourteen.

Teams playing on December 12

December 12 has seven games in store for the fans. Here’s how the schedule looks like.

  • Jets Vs. Saints
  • Texans Vs. Seahawks
  • Chiefs Vs. Raiders
  • Panthers Vs. Falcons
  • Browns Vs. Ravens
  • Titans Vs. Jaguars
  • Washington Vs. Cowboys

Jets Vs. Saints

The Jets are done for the season. They sit bottom of the table in the AFC East division, and they don’t stand a chance this season for the championship because they are nowhere near the other three teams in terms of points. But for the Saints, there’s still hope. Currently, three of the teams in the NFC South share identical stats and have the same points. So if they win against the Jets, it will make a massive difference for them. So they have all to play for and will try and deliver their best performance on Sunday.

Texans Vs. Seahawks

Texans will take on the Seahawks on Sunday. As it stands, both teams look like they are out of the race this season. The Texans have had a lousy season winning only two games and share the same points with the Jaguars, sitting at the bottom of the table. Seahawks are bottom in the NFC West, and it doesn’t seem likely that they can improve their position because of the vast difference in points with the other teams. However, they have four wins compared to two wins of the Texans this season and have been the better of the two this season. So they will go in as favorites to win on Sunday.

Chiefs Vs. Raiders

The Chiefs are the table leaders in the AFC West, and it looks like none of the teams can catch them because of their excellent performance this season. However, they need to be cautious because one loss could make a huge difference, and the other teams might take advantage of that. So winning is crucial. Therefore, the Raiders will look to give them a challenge when they meet on Sunday. Neither of them can afford to lose, and it will be a fantastic game t watch.

Panthers Vs. Falcons

The Panthers are not having a good season, and neither are the Falcons. The Buccaneers are the table leaders in the NFC South, and none of the other teams are close to catching them up. However, the Panthers, Falcons and the Saints are level on points, so it’s tight. The season is almost up, and they can’t afford to lose any more games. So when they meet on Sunday, you can expect some high drama because none of them would want to lose. It will be a fantastic game to watch for the fans!

Browns Vs. Ravens

The Browns will go up against the Ravens on Sunday. Although the Ravens are top of the table in the AFC North, the table is tight as each team can potentially take that spot. Currently, the Browns are bottom of the table, but they are not far behind the Ravens. So it looks like the Ravens have more pressure going into the game on Sunday because if they lose, the table will change, and the Bengals might make the most of it. It’s a challenging game to call, so you will have to wait and see who turns it up on the 12th.

Titans Vs. Jaguars

The Titans are comfortably sitting on top of the table in the AFC South. The closest team in terms of points are the Colts. On the other hand, the Jaguars are bottom of the table and have poorly performed this season, securing only two wins. They are not performing well, and coming up against the Titans on Sunday seems like a huge mismatch. So the Titans are the hot favorites to win against the Jaguars comfortably.

Washington Vs. Cowboys

Washington Vs. Cowboys is one of the big games on Sunday. The Cowboys are the table leaders in the NFC East with 667 points, and they are in excellent form. Washington are not far behind with 500 points, and they will look to secure a win when they meet the Cowboys on Sunday. However, both teams know that it won’t be an easy game. It’s difficult to predict which team has the edge over the other, but you can expect a fantastic game to watch. Neither can afford to lose as the end of the season draws near, and every game counts.

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