NFL Week 18 2022- Latest Updates!

NFL Week 18 2022

The NFL season 2021-22 is almost over, and it has been a fantastic season for all the fans worldwide. It had everything the fans hoped for, and it had some memorable games and moments. There were surprises, upsets, controversies and high-intensity games that had the fans talk about the whole season. But it’s almost time for one team to take the championship this year, and everyone is looking forward to the remaining games. So here’s what’s in store for you on January nine.

Which NFL teams will play on January nine?

There are some fantastic games for all the NFL fans on week 18. Here are the teams facing each other.

  • Broncos Vs. Chefs
  • Eagles Vs. Cowboys
  • Giants Vs. Washington
  • Browns Vs. Bengals
  • Ravens Vs. Steelers
  • Lions Vs. Packers

Broncos Vs. Chefs

The AFC West has one clear winner sitting at the top of the table. This season, the Chefs have been in excellent form, with eleven wins and five losses. But they didn’t have it easy because of stiff competition from the other teams. But going into week 18, they look like they can keep their top spot intact.

Broncos, on the other hand, are bottom of the table. So they have a huge task ahead when they take on the Chefs. They have struggled this season and managed to win only seven of their sixteen games. Although they don’t have much to play for, it will break the headlines if they win against the top team.

Eagles Vs. Cowboys

The Eagles Vs. The Cowboys is one of the big games. Both teams have been competitive this season and had some fantastic games. However, the Cowboys lead the table in the NFC East with an impressive record of eleven wins and five losses compared to nine wins and seven losses for the Eagles. The difference isn’t much, but it may be enough for the Cowboys to make it to the championship and retain the top spot. But they know that the Eagles will challenge them to seal a victory, and it won’t be an easy game. So they can’t afford to lose the final game if they want to seal their spot. Things will get rough, and the fans are already excited about the game. It will be a fantastic game to watch as both teams have some excellent players in form.

Giants Vs. Washington

The Giants Vs. Washington from the NFC East is the less anticipated game for the final week. Both teams have failed to compete against the other two teams and currently sitting bottom of the table. Washington has six wins and ten losses compared to four wins and twelve losses for the Giants. So they are slightly better in terms of the season stats. But it’s over for them to make it through this season. However, both teams will try to end the season with a victory, giving them some confidence to prepare for the next season.

Browns Vs. Bengals

The Bengals played some fantastic games and got some crucial victories that made their difference this season. They have ten wins and six losses and currently are top of the table in the AFC North. It hasn’t been an easy season for them, but they made it work to top the table. The closest rivals on stats are the Steelers, but it looks like the Bengals can extend their lead with a victory against the Browns, who are bottom of the table. The Browns registered seven wins and nine losses, and they have nothing to play for. Plus, it will take a lot to win against the Bengals, who are in excellent form. So it looks like it will be an easy game for the Bengals on the final week of the season.

Ravens Vs. Steelers

The Ravens and the Steelers from the AFC North have has been relatively good this season. But they lacked consistency and lost some crucial games mid-season that made things difficult for them. They share similar stats, but the difference isn’t much between them. Neither can afford to lose if they want to pressure the Bengals, so it will be an excellent game to watch. Currently, the Ravens are second on the table, and they cannot afford to give that position away to the Ravens. So you can expect an action-packed game when the two meet on the final week of the season.

Lions Vs. Packers

The Packers are flying high this season and way ahead of the other three teams in the NFC North. They registered thirteen wins and three losses which is a fantastic record, and have been in excellent form. Their key players delivered some of the season’s best performances, which made a huge difference. The Lions are probably amongst the worst teams this season. They registered two wins and thirteen losses which is almost the opposite, and it will be a miracle if they can pull off a victory against the Packers. So it looks like nothing can stop the Packers from sealing a championship spot in the final week of the season.

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