NFL Week 17: New York Jets vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

New York Jets vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

NFL fans are in for a treat. Week 17 of the National Football League will witness two big names going head-to-head. The New York Jets face off against the Buccaneers, who have already secured the 2021 NFC South title. The match will take place on Sunday from 1:00 p.m. ET at the MetLife Stadium in New York.

It’s sweet and sour for the Jets

The odds are not in favor with the Jets, who are 4-11. But they show remarkable resilience going into this match. We hope to see the same hunger and motivation they displayed against the Jaguars on Week 15. Nevertheless, they won the game 26-11, with seven leading players missing from the starting line-up.

It was not the best of times for the Jets, as they had 20 players side-lined on the COVID-19 list. Even their coach, Robert Saleh, was absent on the dugout due to his COVID-19 test.

It is Saleh’s first year in charge of the Jets. Plus, we also have quarterback Zach Wilson, who has yet to show his potential. But both firmly believe in ending their debut season with a bang. What’s more, the Buccaneers have never beaten them in a home game. So, that is something positive to look for going into this game.

The odds are with the Bucs

With two matches remaining in the regular season, the Bucs have an excellent chance to secure the second overall seed. But this depends on the Los Angeles Rams vs. Dallas Cowboys match.

They do have some players with injury issues but will go in with motivation. The Bucs are favorites to clinch the win with a 13.5-point. What’s more, Antoine Winfield Jr. has returned to training. He was injured during the Bucs vs. Bills game in Week 14.

And if the Bucs meet the predictions, they will match their single-season record. Cornerback Carlton Davis stated that they are “prepared” like no other to take on the Jets.

One issue that the Bucs face is the absence of their head coach, Bruce Arians. Arians have tested positive for COVID-19 and remain in isolation. Thus, he would be missing in the technical area for Sunday’s game at the MetLife stadium. Assistant coach and Run Game Coordinator Harold Goodwin will take over coaching duties until Arians’ recovery.

Goodwin stated that it wouldn’t be a problem to take care of the team in Arians’ absence. He has enlisted the help of former NFL coach Todd Bowles and quarterback coach Clyde Christensen.

Jets vs. Buccaneers: Head-to-head record

If the predictions come true, the Buccaneers will create history. Buccaneers have never won an away match against the Jets over the NFL’s 46-year history. Despite several attempts to win, they have returned home empty-handed on all occasions. Tennessee Titans and Houston Oilers are the only teams with which the Bucs have had bad luck on the road.

They have tasted victory before in the Meadowlands. Just last year, they beat the New York Giants. And coincidentally, they also got their first away victory in New York against the Giants back in 1997. The two teams have not come face to face in consecutive seasons since 1990-91. So, as far as building a rivalry goes, they haven’t had many chances.

If we compare head-to-head records, the Jets lead, 10-2 against the Buccaneers. Their most recent match ended in a 15-10 victory for the Bucs at the Raymond James Stadium in 2017. Patrick Murray was the star of the game scoring all his field goals.

As for the Jets, their most recent victory was in 2013. It was a tight affair, with the match ending 18-17 in New York’s favor. The Buccaneers were not in the usual form and had a disastrous start. Both teams fought back several times, but the Jets ultimately won the match.

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