NFC Vs. AFC Pro Bowl 2022

NFC Vs. AFC Pro Bowl

Sunday’s afternoon will witness the comeback of the Pro Bowl that took a 1-year hiatus owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since NFL uses the Pro Bowl to experiment with different things, fans are eager to see what NFL has in stores in 2022.

Sunday’s iteration will see NFL players in action at the newly constructed Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Although AFC has the upper hand against the NFC, a win for the National Football Conference can reduce that margin.

This showcase game will attract thousands of fans, and the sin city stadium will buzz with excitement. Besides, the star-studded line-up of both teams will leave you mesmerized and thrilled.

What happened in the previous Pro Bowl?

The National Football League canceled the 2021 Pro Bowl game due to the pandemic. While fans were eagerly waiting for this all-star game, the NFL decided to conduct a virtual Pro Bowl game featuring the EA American football video game, Madden NFL 21.

Additionally, the league allowed fans to vote for their favorite stars to determine Pro Bowl rosters. The NFL also organized various festivals, including highlight battles that aired on Verzuz TV, featuring NFL players and various celebrities.

The National Football League opened the voting lines on their website on November 17, 2020, while alternate voting on Twitter began on December 1, 2020. After the voting period ended on December 17, the NFL announced the winning rosters on December 21.

EA’s Madden NFL 21 results

The Esports exhibition match involved four players from each team. The AFC team comprised Deshaun Watson, Keyshawn Johnson, Derrick Henry, and famous rapper Snoop Dogg. Likewise, Kyler Murray, Bubba Wallace, Jamal Adams, and Marshawn Lynch played for the NFC team.

Each player represented the team for one quarter with four quarters in total. The first quarter saw a fierce battle between Deshaun Watson (AFC) and Kyler Murray (NFC). The players use their tactics in the virtual arena to defeat the other. However, Kyler Murray took the edge and won the first quarter for the NFC team.

The second quarter was one-sided, with Bubba Wallace (NFC) defeating Keyshawn Johnson (AFC) with a 19-0 score. The third quarter between Derrick Henry (AFC) and Jamal Adams (NFC) ended in a draw.

The last quarter saw a dramatic ending, with each player failing to score a single point. The dominating second quarter from the NFC player ensured that the team was ahead with the final scoreline, paving the way for a convincing 32 point win.

Players that will change the game

Although many players skip Pro Bowl games due to injuries, the game will still have many NFL stars. Fans can witness NFL legends, such as Charles Woodson, Jason Witten, Reggie Wayne, and Luke Kuechly, in action during the game.

One of the best moments for fans would be to witness two NFL superstars in action. The Diggs brothers will set the stadium on fire while fighting against each other to rack up points for their team. Fans can expect them to act as professional rivals when they face off despite being brothers.

Another attraction of the game could be Deebo Samuel. He became the first player who topped 300 rushing yards and 1400 receiving yards in the same year. His skills will set the crowd on fire and undoubtedly threaten his opponents. His ability to drive through defenders is impeccable, and fans may witness another record from this outstanding player.

MVP players like Kyler Murray and Justin Herbert will also electrify the stadium with exceptional skills. While Murray’s dominance has been evident from earlier matches, Justin Herbert can frustrate defenders with his physical talents.

There is more on the stack than you can imagine, and Pro Bowl 2022 will be an ideal spark before the Bengals Vs. Rams game next week.

Reggie Wayne/Charles Woodson Vs. Jason Witten/Luke Kuechly

After following a draft format in the previous year, Pro Bowl is back to its traditional ways. The AFC versus NFC format will witness legendary captains leading their sides to glory.

Holding the command of the AFC team are two legendary players, Charles Woodson and Reggie Wayne, who have skills that set them apart from the competition. Likewise, NFL legends Luke Kuechly and Jason Witten will lead the NFC team.

This battle between the pros will be epic, and fans will be eagerly waiting to see their favorite players in action. While the NFC will hope to start their winning ways in the traditional format, the American Football Conference will want to continue their dominance.

What’s new in Pro Bowl 2022?

Since NFL uses Pro Bowl to experiment with various tactics, the 2022 iteration will witness the implementation of a new rule. No kickoffs on Sunday! Yes, NFL’s innovation will continue in 2022 as the game will feature no kickoffs.

The teams will be given an option during the toss, and whoever wins it will have the chance to spot the ball anywhere they like. Additionally, they will have the option to defend or offense from the selected spot. The losing team will have the same privileges in the second half.

While both teams will have different plans to execute this new rule, fans can expect a lot of action on the field. Baltimore Ravens were the ones suggesting this method to the Competition Committee.

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