NBA matches 5th November

The NBA season is underway, and it’s delivering some fantastic matches as usual. While some teams are off and running, some are yet to get in form for the season. 5th November has some excellent matchups, and it’s going to be another fantastic day for NBA fans! So here’s a look at who’s playing who, how they stand at the table and how you can watch the matches live.

NBA teams playing on the 5th

But before going further, here are the teams playing on 5th November.

Date Team Timing EST
11/05/2021 Brooklyn Vs. Detroit 7:00 pm
11/05/2021 San Antonio Vs. Orlando 7:00 pm
11/05/2021 Memphis Vs. Washington 7:00 pm
11/05/2021 New York Vs. Milwaukee 7:30 pm
11/05/2021 Cleveland Vs. Toronto 7:30 pm
11/05/2021 L.A Clippers Vs. Minnesota 8:00 pm
11/05/2021 New Orleans Vs. Golden St. 10:00 pm
11/05/2021 Indiana Vs. Portland 10:00 pm
11/05/2021 Charlotte Vs. Sacramento 10:00 pm

Team performances

The Pistons, so far, are struggling to get a grip on their form. With four losses since the start of the season, they will try to register their second win in seven matches against the Nets. But it’s not going to be an easy task when they visit the Barclay’s Center to face the Brooklyn Nets, who already have five wins so far. The odds favor the Nets to win, but they do have a few problems of their own, and the Pistons might find a way to exploit that. So it will be a fantastic match.

The Knicks will take on Milwaukee on Friday and will look to get their sixth win. The earlier fixtures went all Milwaukee’s way, and the Knicks are the visitors in the game. But coming off a win, the Knicks will try to keep their momentum going and absorb the pressure from the home team.

A Clippers are mid-table and only have three wins so far. But they are looking to get their first consecutive win of the season, and the Timberwolves stand in their way. Minnesota Wolves will welcome the visitors to the famous Target Center. However, Timberwolves, too, are struggling at the moment with two consecutive losses at home. So it will be interesting to see who comes out on top and whether the Timberwolves can capitalize on their mistakes.

New Orleans Vs. Golden St. almost seems like a mismatch given their table standings. The Pelicans are sitting at the bottom of the table with only one win, while the Warriors are second.

Hyped matches

San Antonio Vs. Orlando will be an exciting match. Both teams have had two game slides, and they would want to recover from that. Key players Murray, Johnson and Derrick White are performing well on the court, and that’s what’s pushing San Antonio forward. But the new head coach of Orlando Magic, Jamahl Mosley, might have something up his sleeves, which might be the difference for the final result.

Memphis Vs. Washington will be another fantastic match as both teams have five wins already. So neither would want to give up. Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards are on fire, which the Memphis Grizzlies will have to cope with.

The Raptors will host the Cavaliers on Friday, and they intend to continue their winning streak. They have six wins and three losses compared to five wins and four losses of the Cavaliers. But the Cavaliers are not far behind on the table, and if Collin Sexton can keep up his form, it could make a difference.

The Eastern Conference meets the Western Conference when Indiana takes on Portland, and the Charlotte Hornets take on Sacramento Kings. So that’s always a treat to watch!

The matches on Friday will deliver some of the best NBA action, and the fans are already excited to see who comes out top!

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