NBA Games January 20, 2022 – Latest Updates!

NBA Games January 20, 2022

The NBA season 2021-22 has the fans enjoy some of the best games to watch. So far, there have been surprising upsets, fantastic games, rivalries and all the drama you would expect. That’s why the fans love the sport worldwide. But some of the best players in the NBA are doing what they do best and individual performances have been excellent. The games continue this week, and January 20 has some exciting games. So here’s everything about the teams, who will face who and what you can expect.

The NBA teams for January 20

There are six NBA games on January 20. Here are the teams and who they will face.

  • Wizards Vs. Nets
  • 76ers Vs. Magic
  • Celtics Vs. Hornets
  • Heat Vs. Trail Blazers
  • Hawks Vs. Timberwolves
  • Bulls Vs. Cavaliers

Wizards Vs. Nets

The Wizards and Nets from the Eastern Conference will go head-to-head in the first game. It won’t be an easy game for the Wizards because they will play one of the best teams this season. The Nets have an excellent run of form, and they are currently third on the table. They have twenty-seven wins and sixteen losses, and although they are third on the table, the Nets are not far behind the Bulls and Miami Heat.

On the other hand, the Wizards are eight on the table with twenty-three wins and twenty-one losses. They still have to win all their games to compete for the top spot. Based on their previous performances, it looks like they will have to give their absolute best if they want to challenge the Nets. So the odds do not favor them.

76ers Vs. Magic

The 76ers have had a decent run in the season, and currently, they are sixth on the table with twenty-five wins and eighteen losses. But things are different with the Orlando Magic. Based on their stats and performances, they are the worst team in the Eastern Conference this season. The Magics have eight wins and thirty-seven losses, which is pretty bad. So they are currently bottom of the table, and not much to play for. So all the odds favor the 76ers to register an easy game and comfortably win when they meet on January 20.

Celtics Vs. Hornets

The Eastern Conference game will continue with the Celtics going up against the Hornets. Both are mid-table teams and have not been consistent this season. The Celtics have twenty-three wins and twenty-two losses and are tenth on the table. They have had an off-season in their performances and couldn’t win some of their crucial games. But the fans still have hope, and if they can keep up with their win record, they can climb up further on the table.

The Hornets have done comparatively better. They have twenty-four wins and twenty losses and sitting sixth on the table, which is pretty decent. So the fans expect them to get better and improve their rankings. They can keep that up if they win against the Celtics, but it will be a challenging game for both teams.

Heat Vs. Trail Blazers

The Eastern Vs. The Western Conference game will be between the Heat and the Trail Blazers. This season, Miami Heat is one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference, and they registered twenty-eight wins and sixteen losses which is an impressive record. Currently, they are second on the table, and the fight for the top spot is getting heated.

The Trail Blazers haven’t performed well this season. They are tenth on the table with eighteen wins and twenty-five losses and consistently lost crucial games. It’s unlikely they can challenge the Heats because they are in excellent form. So it looks like the Heats can comfortably win when they take them on.

Hawks Vs. Timberwolves

The Hawks will take on the Timberwolves in the next Eastern Vs. Western Conference game. The Hawks haven’t had a good season. They have eighteen wins and twenty-five losses and sit twelfth on the table. The Timberwolves have done better, but they are still ninth on the Western Conference table. They registered twenty-one wins and twenty-two losses, and it will take a lot for them to catch the other top teams. So they can’t afford to lose games. But it looks like the odds favor them to win against the Hawks when they meet because they are in better form.

Bulls Vs. Cavaliers

The game between the Bulls and the Cavaliers will be the game to watch. As it currently stands, the Bulls are top of the Eastern Conference table with twenty-seven wins and fifteen losses. They have consistently been the best team this season, and the fans expect them to win the title. But the Cavaliers aren’t far behind, and they are one of the top teams. They are fourth on the table with twenty-seven wins and eighteen losses. NBA fans can expect a fantastic game when these two meet on January 20 and judging by their current form; they won’t disappoint!

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