NBA Games January 14, 2022 – Latest Updates!

NBA Games January 14, 2022

The NBA games for 2022 are on, and the fans are loving every bit of it. It’s almost mid-season, and things are heating up in the fight for the title. You get to watch the NBA action every week, and there are some fantastic games on January 14. So in case, you missed it, here are the details and the teams that will play against each other.

Which NBA teams will play?

January 14 has five games for all the NBA fans to enjoy. Here are the teams.

  • Bucks Vs. Warriors
  • Grizzlies Vs. Timberwolves
  • Pelicans Vs. Clippers
  • Nets Vs. Thunder
  • Nuggets Vs. Trail Blazers

Bucks Vs. Warriors

The Eastern Vs. Western Conference game will have Bucks go up against the Warriors. It will be a fantastic game to watch because both teams have fantastic players and East Vs. The West game is always a treat. The Bucks are fourth in the table with a good record of twenty-six wins and seventeen losses. They are not far behind the other top teams, and things could change if they continue their winning run.

On the other hand, the Warriors are second in the Western Conference table and amongst the best teams this season. The fans’ expectations are high, and they believe that they can go all the way this season for the title. They have thirty wins and ten losses and are among the favorite contenders to top the table. Neither of the teams can afford to lose, so you can expect some excellent NBA action when they meet.

Grizzlies Vs. Timberwolves

The Grizzlies will take on the Timberwolves in the Western Conference game. The Timberwolves have not had a great half-season, and they could register only twenty wins from forty-one games and are currently ninth in the table. The Grizzlies have done better with twenty-nine wins and fourteen losses. But if they want to make it to the top, they have to make sure that they win every game.

Judging by their previous performances, it looks like the Timberwolves will have a challenging game. The odds favor the Grizzlies to pick up a win which will be crucial for them. But as you know, anything can happen in the NBA! Can the Grizzlies deliver on the 14th? You will have t wait and see.

Pelicans Vs. Clippers

Pelicans Vs. the Clippers in the Western Conference game is probably the least anticipated game on the 14th. They have done poorly this season. The Pelicans are thirteenth in the table with fifteen wins and twenty-six losses, and it looks like they haven’t improved much. At this point, it’s improbable that they can climb up in the table.

The Clippers haven’t done well either. With twenty wins and twenty-one losses this season, they are currently eight on the table. But if you compare both teams, the Clippers have done better. So they look in a better position to win when they take on the Pelicans. The fans haven’t lost hope yet because there are still more games to play, but they will have to win every one of them. So the Pelicans will have a challenging game against them.

Nets Vs. Thunder

The second Eastern Vs. Western Conference game will take place between the Nets and Thunder. Everyone thinks the Nets will have an easy game against the Thunders, and rightfully so. The Nets are second in the table with twenty-five wins and fourteen losses and in the race for the top spot. They have had some excellent games, and the star players are making the headlines.

On the other hand, the Thunders are performing poorly. They are currently second from the bottom on the table with thirteen wins and twenty-seven losses, and the season looks already over for them. It’s also doubtful that they will pull off something extraordinary when they meet the Nets. So the Nets have a good chance of extending their lead over the other teams and moving closer towards the Bulls.

Nuggets Vs. Trail Blazers

Nuggets Vs. Trail Blazers in the Western Conference is another game where both teams don’t have much to play for. The Nuggets are sixth in the table with twenty wins and eighteen losses which is a massive difference from the other top-table teams.

On the other hand, Trail Blazers are tenth on the table with sixteen wins and twenty-four losses. The Nuggets could make it to the top four if they keep up with their winning mentality and team performance. But they will need a huge favor from lady luck for the other teams to lose. Meanwhile, the Trail Blazers don’t look like they can improve. Plus, you can assume that it’s over for them at this point of the season. So the Nuggets can take advantage of the situation and register a win when they take on the Trail Blazers.

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