NBA Games – Exciting Upcoming Matches

NBA Games December 31, 2021

2021 is almost over, and fans have every reason to get excited about the last NBA game their favorite teams will play. December 31 has some fantastic games in store for you. So if you want to know which teams will go up against each other, keep reading. You will find out all the details and how the teams have fared so far in the season.

Which NBA teams will play on December 31?

December 31 has five games for the NBA fans. Here are the teams that will play against each other.

  • Magic Vs. Bucks
  • Wizards Vs. Cavaliers
  • Nets Vs. 76ers
  • Celtics Vs. Suns
  • Nuggets Vs. Warriors

Magic Vs. Bucks

The Bucks are way ahead compared to Orlando Magic. This season, they have played some fantastic games, and the players have delivered what the fans wanted to see. They are currently third in the Eastern Conference table and have an impressive record. The good thing is, they are not far behind the Nets and Bulls, so they can climb even higher if they continue winning.

The Magic will have a challenging game, no doubt. They are one of the worst-performing teams this season, with seven wins and twenty losses and sitting second from the bottom on the table. It’s fair to say that the season is over for them, and they have to look forward to the next season and reflect on their mistakes. However, even if they try their best, things won’t be easy because the Bucks are playing with confidence and their previous game win cements that.

When they meet, all the odds favor the Bucks to get an easy win against the Magic. It’s almost a mismatch given the differences in form, but it should be a treat for the fans to watch.

Wizards Vs. Cavaliers

Wizards Vs. Cavaliers promises to be a competitive game. Both are mid-table teams, but the Cavaliers have a better win record. They have twenty wins and fourteen losses compared to seventeen wins and seventeen losses for the Wizards. However, not a lot separates the two in terms of team performance and talent. It’s not been a great season for either team, but they have played some excellent games this season.

The Wizards have struggled to capitalize on their home games. They have now lost three home games, and they want to make sure that they can change that when they take on the Cavaliers. But they know that it won’t be an easy game because the Cavaliers are in great shape. If you go by their current run of form, it looks like the Cavaliers will win. But the home turf motivation will play a vital role for the Wizards, and they could finally get a home win.

Nets Vs. 76ers

The Nets are flying high this season. They have an impressive record of twenty-three wins and nine losses and are top of the table in the Eastern Conference. The 76ers are a good team with some excellent players on their roster. However, they have struggled to keep their winning momentum going and lost some crucial games. Currently, they are sixth in the table with eighteen wins and sixteen losses. So they can’t afford to lose any more games if they want to make it to the top four this season. But they have a challenging game against the Nets, who are arguably the best team this season. So it looks like the Nets will continue their winning run against the 76ers.

Celtics Vs. Suns

The Eastern Conference Vs. Western Conference game will be Celtics Vs. Suns. The Celtics have played some bad games this season, affecting their rankings. They have sixteen wins and eighteen losses and sit ninth on the Eastern Conference table.

On the other hand, the Suns are having a fantastic season. They are second on the table, marginally behind the Warriors. Their standings will change if they win against the Celtics, pushing them to the top. Based on their previous game, they look on fire, and the Celtics will need to put in a lot of team effort and game plan if they want to stop them. Although it seems unlikely, they might also cause an upset if their star players step it up. So it will be an exciting game to watch, no doubt.

Nuggets Vs. Warriors

The Western Conference table leaders will go up against the Nuggets, and all the pressure seems to be on them. The Suns are close to them on points, and if they lose against the Nuggets, it will push them down from the top spot. So there’s no room for error when they meet up on the 31st.

The Nuggets are fifth on the table with seventeen wins and sixteen losses which is not a good record. But they would want to finish the year with a win, even if it’s against the top team, because they can make it to the top four if they keep their winning momentum. But they know it won’t be an easy game because the Warriors will look to secure their victory at any cost. So it will be an exciting game to watch and keep an eye on the Celtics Vs. Suns game as well to see who takes the lead.

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