NBA games December 2nd, 2021

NBA Games December 2nd Schedule

The NBA season 2021 is already delivering what the fans want to see. Fantastic games, high-intensity matches, rivalries, upsets and winning by seconds before the game. It’s everything the fans wished for, and after about twenty-one matches played so far, there’s still a lot more action to go! So if you want to know who’s playing who this Friday, then you’re in the right place! Here’s all the information about the upcoming NBA games on December 2nd!

Who’s playing on December 2nd?

December 2nd has five fantastic games scheduled for you. Here are the teams that will play against each other.

  • Knicks Vs. Bulls
  • Trail Blazers Vs. Spurs
  • Raptors Vs. Bucks
  • Suns Vs. Pistons
  • Grizzlies Vs. Thunder

Knicks Vs. Bulls

The Bulls are having an excellent season so far. Currently, they stand second in the Eastern Conference table with fourteen wins and eight losses. But the Knicks do not have it easy. They are mid-table with eleven wins and ten losses, and if they want to improve their position, winning is crucial. So all the pressure will be on the New York Knicks when they take on the Bulls on the 2nd.

The Bulls are in excellent form. Lonzo Ball, DeMar DeRozan, Zach LaVine and Nikola Vucevic put on a dominant performance in their last game against the Hornets. So they will look to do the same against the Knicks. On the other hand, the Bulls had a tough loss in their last game, and things aren’t looking bright for the team. But they don’t lack talent in the team, and if Julius Randle steps it up on Friday, they could give the Bulls a challenging game.

Trail Blazers Vs. Spurs

Trail Blazers and Spurs are hanging at the bottom table in the Western Conference. The Trail Blazers have a slightly better record of eleven wins and eleven losses compared to six wins and thirteen losses for the Spurs. Although there are still more games in the season, they can’t afford to have more losses if they want to improve their table rankings in the season.

But there are some positive signs for both teams. They put on a dominant performance in their previous game and won it. So that’s going to boost their confidence coming into the game on Friday. The Spurs are an excellent team with lots of talent, but they suffered due to a lack of attacking firepower throughout the season. Moreover, the Trail Blazers will host the game, so that puts all the pressure on them. But if they can execute their dominance, the Trail Blazers will have a challenging game.

Raptors Vs. Bucks

The Raptors are not having a good season. With only nine wins in twenty-two games, they are currently amongst the bottom-table teams in the Eastern Conference. The Bucks are way ahead of them in terms of the win stats, but they still have a lot to do to get to the top four teams. Currently, they are fifth in the table with equal points with the Wizards and Miami Heat, and they have the chance to go up the table if they win on Friday.

As it stands, it looks like the Bucks will comfortably win against the Raptors. They look unstoppable, and the Raptors are struggling to find their form. But you have already seen some big upsets in the season, and who knows? There could be room for some more! So Friday will be a real test for the Toronto Raptors.

Suns Vs. Pistons

It’s the Eastern Conference Vs. Western Conference on December 2nd when the Suns play the Pistons. However, it almost seems like a mismatch given where they stand in the table. There’s a big gap in the performance between the two teams. The Suns are top of the table in the Western Conference with eighteen wins and three losses, while the Pistons are second from the bottom with four wins and seventeen losses.

It looks improbable that the Pistons can pull something off because they are struggling at the moment. The Suns can extend their lead over the Warriors if they win on Friday, and that will put pressure on them for the table rankings in the Western Conference.

Grizzlies Vs. Thunder

The Grizzlies aren’t having the best seasons, but they are currently fifth in the Eastern Conference table with eleven wins and ten losses. They can still make it to the top four if they keep winning, so every game is crucial for them. They are two points behind the Mavericks, and the Timberwolves and Clippers have the same points. So the pressure is undoubtedly on them to win against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Friday.

Oklahoma City Thunder are bottom third in the table. With six wins and fourteen losses so far, they have not started the season well. Things aren’t looking good, and the players seem to lack confidence after all the losses. But since the pressure will be on the Grizzlies, they can take that as an opportunity. If they perform at their best, who knows? They could even pull off an upset on Friday!

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