NBA Finals Series – Boston Celtics vs. Golden State Warriors, Game 2

NBA Finals Series

The Boston Celtics travel away to Chase Center in San Francisco, California, to face the Golden State Warriors on Sunday, 5th June 2022, at 8:00 PM ET. Celtics will be hoping to make it 2 wins out of 2 in the NBA Finals series.

Game 1 of the Finals Series was going well for the Warriors, but an inspired performance from Al Halford and Jaylen Brown saw the Boston Celtics come back from behind to win the game 120-108. Steph Curry looked a disappointed figure at the end of the game, as even his 34 points could not prevent the Warriors from losing the game.

The Warriors will go into Game 2 looking to get a win back while Boston tries to make it 2 in 2. Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics have been the best teams in the NBA this season and are deservedly in the Finals for a reason.

Game 1 – As it Happened

The first game of the Finals ended on a crazy note as the Boston Celtics went on a rampage in the 4th quarter to clinch a win from the hands of the Warriors. Before this loss, the Golden State Warriors had never lost at their home venue during a playoff final. The Boston Celtics went and are the first team to break that record.

It is always good to have a good start during the Finals series, and Boston did just that to give themselves a big boost for the upcoming games. It takes a little bit of pressure off them. However, the Golden State Warriors are also very capable of going on a winning streak even though they have lost the first battle.

1st Quarter

The first quarter was all Steph Curry’s show as he scored 21 points to lead the first half, 32-28. Klay Thompson and Draymond Green had a poor scoring game as they only scored a total of 19 points together.

On the other hand, Steph Curry had an outstanding game, as he scored a total of 34 points. That matches his record of achieving his highest ever points tally in a Game-1 of the Playoff Finals.

2nd Quarter

Boston came out in the second quarter with a much better discipline and managed to keep Golden State’s superstars at bay. They managed to score 28 points in the second quarter, while Golden State made only 22 points. The first half came to a close, with the Boston Celtics leading the game 56-54, a mere 2-point lead.

3rd Quarter

The 3rd quarter was more like the old Golden State as they came blazing out to score 38 points. Boston looked slow to react to every rebound and second ball. Steph Curry showed that he is built for finals and helped establish a strong lead of 12 points after the end of the 3rd quarter.

On the other hand, Boston Celtics managed to score only 24 in the 3rd quarter, their lowest points total in all the three quarters played. The Golden State Warriors outscored them by 14 points finishing the 3rd quarter with a scoreline of 38-24.

The Warriors looked like they were in control of the game. It was theirs to lose if anything should happen.

4th Quarter

As the saying goes, it is not how you start, but it is about how you finish. The Boston Celtics had a fantastic 4th quarter where they scored a whopping 40 points to go ahead of the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors gave away the game, which was in their hands, and Jaylen Brown gladly took it with open arms as he scored 10 points in the last quarter.

It was like something magical had happened to the Boston Celtics as everything they touched turned into gold – this time being every time they shot, they couldn’t miss. Boston’s defense was only on point in the last two quarters, limiting the impact of Steph Curry to only 13 points.

It was a night to forget for Steph Curry as he did everything in his power to try and win the game, but the Celtics were just too good in the 4th quarter. It is unfortunate that a player who scored 34 points in a Game-1 of the Finals loses the game.

Steph Curry is the only player to score 21 points in a playoff final since 1996. He also broke a record of scoring six 3-pointers in the first quarter of Game-1.

Boston Fightback

The Boston Celtics reminded everybody why they were in the finals with an emphatic show of grit and determination in the 4th quarter. It looked like the Warriors would be slipping away with the game after entering the 4th quarter with a 12-point lead.

However, Boston had other plans in mind. They scored a total of 9 3-pointers in the last quarter and scored 40 points to win the game 120-108. Their main star, Jayson Tatum, had a bad day at the office with a lowly total of 12 points.

Despite that problem, Boston are still champions of the Eastern Conference, and they all chipped in with points. Jaylen Brown saved his best for last as he scored 10 points in the last quarter out of his total 24 points.

Al Horford and Derrick White also contributed to the Boston Celtics by scoring 26 and 21 points, respectively. Boston will have found a new gear with their final quarter’s performance and will look to use that to their advantage in Game 2.

No matter the outcome, we are seeing two of the best teams go head-to-head to win the Finals. Fans should expect to witness more drama unfold in the upcoming games.

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