NBA 17th November games

The NBA season 2021-22 is off and running, and every week, teams are putting on a show for the fans. Most of the teams have played ten games so far, and there’s still plenty more to go. So if you haven’t been following the recent games, here’s everything about the latest game.

The games

17th November had three games on the schedule.

  • Clippers Vs. Spurs
  • Nets Vs. Warriors
  • Jazz Vs. 76ers

All three games were spectacular, but the big one was the Nets Vs. Warriors. Fans love rivalries and Kevin Durant Vs. Stephen Curry was one of the headlines before the game.

Clippers Vs. Spurs

LA Clippers took on San Antonio Spurs at the Staples Center. Coming into the game, the Clippers had better stats in terms of win-loss ratio. They are currently 8-5 with an impressive home record of 6-3. The Spurs, on the other hand, don’t have a good record in the season. With a 4-9 win-loss ratio, the Clippers have already beat them thrice the previous season. So they were not favorites coming into the game.

As expected, the LA Clippers put on a show. It’s no surprise that they are one of the elite teams from the west. The Spurs couldn’t respond well as the Clippers kept hitting the shots throughout the game. Kawhi Leonard was at his best on the night for the Clippers. Luka Samanic did perform well for the Spurs, and that’s one positive thing the fans can take away from the game.

Overall, it was excellent for the Clippers again, while it’s the third consecutive loss for the Spurs in the season. The final score was 106-92.

Nets Vs. Warriors

Nets Vs. Warriors was the big game. Two of the biggest stars Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry went head-to-head, and all eyes were on them. The Nets hosted the Warriors, and it was Durant’s home turf. However, things didn’t go as planned for the Nets because Curry ran the show, and it was his night. Contrary to him, Durant had one of his worst games of the season.

Curry made an impressive thirty-seven points, and that played a massive role in their win. It didn’t take long for him to settle in the game. The first quarter he made twelve points from beyond the arc, and he kept his momentum going.

Durant played well in the first quarter. He showed what he could do and why he’s one of the best players. He dialed in twelve points in the first quarter, and the fans got more hyped. But as the game progressed, his momentum wasn’t up to pace with Curry. That’s what made the difference. An away win on one of their biggest rivals’ home turf is huge, and his performance made the headlines. The Warriors beat the Nets 117-99.

Jazz Vs. 76ers

Utah Jazz took on the Philadelphia 76ers. It was another difficult night for the 76ers as they failed to win the game. However, Utah Jazz wasn’t performing well in the previous games, and they had to prove a point to the fans. The night saw a much-improved team making the right calls and hitting the points more often.

Utah Jazz had one of the best games of the season, with an improved shooting rate of 42% from the arc. The match also proved to be their best game with the most three-pointers in the season, which made a massive difference in the final result. Bojan Bogdanovic played exceptionally well on the night with twenty-seven points, including two assists and six rebounds. The fans also saw an improvement in their defense, and the 76ers couldn’t impose their attacking game. Rudy Gobert was the star player in their defense, and he made things difficult for the opponent. So it was a comfortable 120-85 win for the Utah Jazz on the night.

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