NBA 11th December Games – Full Schedule

NBA 11th December Games

The NBA games are on for 2021-22, and the teams are battling out for the championship. So far, there have been some fantastic games, and the fans are thoroughly enjoying the season. As you would expect, rivalries are getting hotter, and the games are getting intense as each team looks to improve their table standings. The games continue this week, and on the 11th, there are some excellent games in store. So if you don’t want to miss out on them, here are the teams going up against each other.

Who’s playing on 11th December?

There are nine games scheduled for 11th December. Here are the teams.

  • Hornets Vs. Kings
  • Raptors Vs. Knicks
  • Pelicans Vs. Pistons
  • Pacers Vs. Mavericks
  • Hawks Vs. Nets
  • Thunder Vs. Lakers
  • Suns Vs. Celtics
  • Timberwolves Vs. Cavaliers
  • Rockets Vs. Bucks

Apart from the Raptors Vs. Knicks game, all the games will be Eastern Vs. Western Conference.

Hornets Vs. Kings

The Hornets will go up against the Kings, and it’s the Eastern Vs. Western Conference game. As it stands, the Hornets are seventh in the table, and winning is crucial for them. They haven’t been at their best this season, but they are the favorites to win against the Kings, sitting eleventh in the table. Their current form is not what the fans expected, and the Kings are unlikely to pull off an upset as they have won only ten games this season. But it won’t be an easy game for the Hornets, and they will have to make sure that they execute their game plan on the 11th if they want to win.

Raptors Vs. Knicks

The Raptors and Knicks are currently below the mid-table. This game will be interesting as both teams are almost evenly matched in terms of win rate. It’s doubtful they make it to the championship because they are nowhere near on points with some top teams. But that won’t stop them from giving their best, so you can expect a high-intensity game when they meet on the 11th.

Pelicans Vs. Pistons

The Eastern Conference Vs. Western Conference continues when the Pelicans take on the Pistons. Unfortunately, both teams are bottom of the table, and the season is almost but over for them. Statistically, the Pelicans have a slight edge with seven wins compared to four wins of the Pistons. So they look like the favorites to win.

Pacers Vs. Mavericks

The Mavericks from the Western Conference will look to secure their win against the struggling Pacers from the Eastern Conference. Mavericks are sitting mid-table, and compared to the Pacers; they are in better form. So the Pacers have a challenging task ahead of them when they meet them and will rely on T.J Warren to step it up to be the difference for the team.

Hawks Vs. Nets

The Nets are currently sitting top of the table in the Eastern Conference. But the Bulls and Bucks are not far behind, and if they lose against the Nets, they will lose the number one spot. So the pressure is on them because they can’t afford to lose. But the Hawks are not in great form and sitting mid-table, so that makes the Hawks the favorites to win. However, they know that they can’t make the game likely and will be at their best. So the Hawks will have to pull off something special if they want to give them a tough time.

Thunder Vs. Lakers

The Lakers are not having a good season so far, and they have struggled to find their form and are currently sixth in the table. But they are hot favorites to win when they come up against Thunder, who are second from the bottom in the table. With seven wins and sixteen losses, Thunders seem to have lost their confidence for the season, and the Lakers can take full advantage of that to secure their victory.

Suns Vs. Celtics

The Suns are sitting second in the Western Conference table, and they look in excellent form. They are one of the top teams of the season, and it will be challenging for the Celtics to come off with a win. Celtics are tenth in the Eastern Conference table, and they have not been at their best this season. They have a challenging game ahead when they take on the Suns, and it would be a surprise if they could pull off something special.

Timberwolves Vs. Cavaliers

Fans have more reason to be excited for the Eastern Vs. Western Conference on the 11th. The Timberwolves will go up against the Cavaliers, and it promises to be a fantastic game. However, both teams are currently mid-table and not in their best form. But that makes it more interesting because both teams can’t afford to lose any game. So it will be tough to determine who comes out on top, but it will be an excellent game to watch as they battle it out.

Rockets Vs. Bucks

Finally, the Rockets take on the Bucks, and the Bucks are the favorites to win, given their current run of form and how they stand at the table. They are third in the table with sixteen wins and nine losses, while the Rockets are sitting thirteenth in the table with seven wins and sixteen losses. So it looks unlikely that they will give a challenge when they meet the Bucks on 11th December.

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