Milwaukee Bucks vs. Chicago Bulls – NBA playoffs begin

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Chicago Bulls

With NBA beginning its first round for the 2022 playoffs, the Milwaukee Bucks will set foot at the Bradley Center to start their title defense. The buzz for the Eastern Conference face-off has already reached its ultimate level as many pundits predict that the Bucks will dominate the proceedings.

The Milwaukee Bucks have had an excellent regular season, finishing 3rd in the Eastern Conference. Although the Bucks had some injury concerns during their regular-season matchups and tried various starting lineups, they ripped through the tournament to establish themselves as a formidable team.

On the other hand, the Chicago Bulls have had a magical run, and their resurgence during the regular season has propelled them to their first playoffs since 2017. However, injuries have also plagued the Bulls, but hopes will be high when they visit the Bucks’ home ground.

In short, Sunday’s NBA playoff clash will be massive, with both sides aiming to settle scores in this elite Eastern Conference clash.

Milwaukee Bucks 2021-22 season recap

After entering the regular 2021-22 regular season as the defending champion, Milwaukee Bucks looked more promising with their performance. However, multiple injuries and inconsistent performances bombarded their hopes of making it to the top tier.

While most pundits believed that the Bucks were far from their title defense, the Milwaukee side gathered a late surge to secure the 3rd seed in the East. After playing 82 regular-season games and wrapping their 55th season, the Bucks have produced various moments for fans to remember.

Here is a brief season recap for the defending champions.

  • Milwaukee Bucks vs. Brooklyn Nets – While most fans were excited about players getting championship rings, NBA superstars like Jim Paschke and Giannis Antetokounmpo had other plans. Paschke showcased his “I heart Giannis” clothing to commemorate Antetokounmpo’s effort.
  • Milwaukee Bucks vs. Boston Celtics – Wesley Matthews made Christmas special by hitting four 3s in honor of his late grandmother. It was a defining moment in the game as the Bucks outclassed the Celtics with a Matthews’ special.
  • Milwaukee Bucks vs. Miami Heat – Following a defeat from the Nets, the Bucks were down again when they faced their rivals Miami Heat. With six minutes remaining on the clock, Milwaukee’s big three lifted their game, overcoming a 14-point deficit to win the game. Jrue Holiday topped the rescue scoring the winning points.
  • Milwaukee Bucks vs. Philadelphia 76ers – After facing the destructive Memphis Grizzlies, Milwaukee Bucks faced the 76ers onslaught to nearly losing the game. Thankfully, Giannis stepped up with a game-winning block and sealed the game for the Bucks.

Chicago Bulls 2021-22 season recap

The Bulls started their 2021-22 season with a thumping 9-game winning streak to upset various teams. However, their performance dipped in 2022, and many pundits believe the Bucks were limping for the playoffs.

The Bulls had an excellent start to their regular season with a 26-10 record. However, their recent performance with a 7-15 record is a concern for the team, making them underdogs against the defending champions.

The team suffered a five and four-game losing streak in 2022, denting their rankings as the Bulls slipped to the 6th position in the Eastern Conference. This rank placed them against the defending champions, and Sunday’s game can be an upset for the Chicago team.

However, there is some good news for the Bulls, as DeMar DeRozan has performed well this season. Zach LaVine and Nikola Vucevic will be eager to showcase their skills during the playoffs. It will be exciting to witness how these players react despite having mixed results during the regular season.

Things to expect

While both the teams have superstars in their lineup, few players will entice fans with their outstanding track records. While the Bucks will rely heavily on Holiday and Antetokounmpo for their defensive skills, the Bulls will bank on DeRozan’s offense to secure crucial points. In short, the NBA playoffs will spill fireworks and are undoubtedly worth watching.

Here are the things you can expect from the Buck vs. Bulls game:

  • Milwaukee Bucks’ defense – Despite having a low-performing defense record in 2022, the Bucks will want to break the shackles. With Brook Lopez back in the side, the Milwaukee defense looks promising, helping players like Antetokounmpo to play freely. Jrue Holiday will also have a significant role as the primary defense guard.
  • Chicago Bulls’ offense – The Chicago team relies more on its offense, and the veteran DeRozan will take the lead. His incredible agility and swift movements can break into any defense, making him lethal on the court. Although his shooting accuracy has dropped, most teams take no chance against the veteran swingman.
  • Chicago Bulls return to playoffs – The Bulls have made it to the playoffs after five years and will love to capitalize on the opportunity. Although they will enter the court as underdogs, the Bulls will love to repeat history and defeat the Bucks.

What happened in their previous encounter?

The Bucks outclassed the Bulls to clinch the central division title with a flawless victory. The game witnessed a quiet performance from Antetokounmpo, but Brook Lopez stepped up his game to score 28 points as the Bucks raced to a title finish.

The Milwaukee Bucks were dominant from the start securing all the quarters to finish with a 127-106 scoreline. The Bulls looked troubled from the start, failing to capitalize on opportunities on multiple occasions. Although the Bulls fought hard in the 3rd quarter, their efforts were insufficient to tilt the match result.

In short, Sunday’s NBA playoffs will provide the perfect redemption ground for the Chicago Bulls.

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