Marshall vs. Hermans – A left hook did the trick

Marshall vs. Hermans

The boxing circuit will explode starting from April 2022, and what could have been the perfect start than Savannah Marshall defeating veteran Femke Hermans with a lethal knockout. The two fighters had so much to prove when they stepped inside the ring with the WBO middleweight title on the line.

Marshall entered the match with an unbeaten record and more knockouts than the veteran. On the other hand, Hermans’ years of experience came in handy but not enough to evade a lethal left hook. Although Hermans gave a tough fight to Marshall, the defending champion had her superior skills to defeat the veteran.

In short, “The Silent Assassin” was far from silent as Marshall’s aggression and dominance preceded her title defense. Marshall took the match on fire and knocked out Hermans to defend her WBO middleweight title.

What happened during the match?

With fans anticipating fireworks throughout the match, the boxing superstars justified fans’ expectations from the beginning. Both Marshall and Hermans showed their intent and were aggressive throughout the fight.

Round 1

Hermans looked confident as she pressed down hard on the defending champion, hurling light and right punches to disturb the champion’s posture. While Hermans looked confident, Marshall, with her superior track record, stood firm and defused her opponent’s efforts with ease.

Marshall caught Hermans with her left-hand many times, and it was evident as Hermans was wary about the force and brutality of Marshall’s left strike. Although Herman managed to land some crucial strikes on Marshall, they were not enough to trouble the defending middleweight champion.

On the other hand, Marshall was consistent with her left hook, forcing the veteran boxer to lock bodies to find some breathing space. Marshall became more aggressive as the first round entered its final stages, while Hermans did her best to survive the round.

The first round yielded better results for the defending champion as her opponent looked shaken after the early assault.

Round 2

After surviving a late scare in the first round, Hermans started the second round cautiously, focusing more on her defense. On the other hand, Marshall looked to dominate the fight as she began with an aggressive stance pushing the veteran boxer to all corners.

The veteran boxer began the proceedings with a right jab pushing Marshall to a defensive position. However, the defending middleweight titleholder responded with her brutal left hand. Both boxers were cautious about their moves and utilized the ring to get the best results.

Savannah Marshall vs Maria Lindberg, WBO World Female Middleweight title Fight.
10 April 2021
Picture By Dave Thompson Matchroom Boxing
Savannah Marshall celebrates her win.

The action intensified as the round entered the second half, as Marshal moved forward to land some crucial punches. The veteran also responded with her moves, catching the defending champion multiple times. However, both fighters couldn’t secure a lethal blow to decide the match’s fate.

Hermans changed her strategy and became a moving target utilizing the ring to good effect. Her plan looked successful as she landed a right hook on Marshall’s face to stun the defending champion. However, Marshall responded with a right hand, pushing the veteran boxer to the ring.

Both boxers locked their bodies as the round entered the final ten seconds as Marshall tried to gain points with her right hand. The official bell ended the second round with Marshall dominating the fight again.

Round 3 – The brutal left hook

After ending the second round on a high, Marshall’s coach had clear instructions for the defending champion – maintain aggression and go for the kill. On the other hand, Hermans’ coach asked the veteran boxer to alter her strategy and chase her target.

The round started with both boxers choosing an aggressive approach. However, an early body lockup from the veteran fighter forced Marshall to find some space to land her strikes. After breaking up, the defending champion landed two left strikes, but Hermans engaged a second body lockup to recover from the blows.

The referee interfered to break the lockup, and both boxers returned to their traditional boxing stance. Marshall upped her ante as she turned offensive and barged forward with some wild blows. She caught Hermans multiple times with her hooks, igniting an aggressive atmosphere inside the ring.

Hermans responded with aggression and caught Marshall with her right and left combination. The crowd erupted as the fight got more aggressive as both fighters exchanged blows. The contest halted briefly, but Marshall managed to break free, continuing her assault.

Hermans shot an apparent left hook on Marshall’s face, forcing the defending champion to recheck her defenses as the fight entered the final minute of the third round. After backing off a little, Marshall launched an impressive left hand to catch Hermans near her right ear. However, the veteran boxer dodged the assault and backed before receiving more damage.

Marshall’s left strike stunned Hermans as she lost her composure. A third body lockup provided some refuge for Hermans to find some breathing space. However, the referee separated the boxers apart, and Hermans had to move away to evade the onslaught.

Marshall chased her opponent and landed a left hook and body shot while Hermans tried desperately with her wild swings. Marshall caught her opponent with a right hand followed by a left hook to increase the veteran’s trouble.

Marshall continued her assault with a lethal left strike, stunning the veteran again, and while she could recover, a crushing left hook laid Hermans on the floor, deciding the match’s fate. Marshall won the game with one second left in round three.

Marshall maintained her unbeaten run and defended her middleweight title with a dominant performance. Her next clash would be against Claressa Shields later in 2022.

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