Los Angeles Rams Vs. Seattle Seahawks: Who’s taking down who at the Thursday Night Football game?

It is going to be a crucial showdown as NFC West squad rivals Los Angeles Rams and Seattle Seahawks gear up to take on each other on Thursday, October 7th at 8:20 PM ET. The two opponents are kicking off the Week 5 of the NFL, with this primetime contest taking place at Lumen Field, Seattle.

The Los Angeles Rams, on their previous Sunday afternoon game loss to Arizona in a 37-20 home loss. On the other hand, the Seahawks went far on their road to victory with 28-21 against the San Francisco 49ers in their recent match. With that, Los Angeles is now 3-1, and the Seahawks’ record stands at 2-2.

Thursday’s game is going to be one of the most high-profile face-offs between the two opponents this season. It will be their first face-off since Los Angeles Rams’ 30-20 victory over Seattle Seahawk last season. The last time they came face-to-face was during NFC’s last season’s Wild Card Round playoff. Rams’ visit to the north for the Thursday Night Football battle will have a significant impact. More specifically on the NFL’s playoff scenes and NFC West standings.

How the teams did in their last game

Last weekend when the Seahawks and 49ers had a face-off at Santa Clara, Seattle toiled hard on offense. They struggled during the first half but soon after the second half started, they were up on their best game. The Seahawks, on their first five possessions during the first half, went three-and-out before they found the end zone. They closed halftime with a tie 7-7.

Seattle Seahawks managed to put together some team efforts in the last half, generating pressure and bringing about turnovers. On the other hand, the defense seemed to gain some confidence as the game progressed. However, Seahawks were determined not to give the ball away at any cost. This was a crucial move that Seahawks needed to play since they were playing a divisional opponent. The major setback came upon the defense when it had to let go of Jimmy Garoppolo due to a calf injury.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles had its first loss of the season playing with Arizona 37-20. During the first quarter, the Rams led with 10-7, until the Cardinals went on a scoring spree. The Cardinals were on an average run of about 216 yards but produced as much as 27 downs. They had the ball for more than 35 minutes and it looked like could do whatever they wanted with it. The win was effortless, with Los Angeles accepting a brutal takedown.

Look out for these in the upcoming game
With Thursday night’s game kicking off in few hours, there are two things to watch out closely. First of all, the Seahawks’ offense. Keeping in mind of its strong offense during the last game, it is likely that we’ll get to see a ton of Seahawks’ physicality on the upcoming game as well. Wilson is very much capable of navigating around the pocket, making things happen with his legs. He needs to be extremely vigilant of his opponents, Aaron Donald and his squad. After all, the Rams are frustrated by what transpired last Sunday’s loss.
The second thing to watch out for would be the Rams’ patience against the offense. Over the years, Los Angeles has mastered the skill of keeping its calm whenever there’s a matchup with Seattle. With his hand-picked quarterback, coach Sean Mcvay is all set to show patience on offense. Both Seattle and Los Angeles have an interesting opportunity to show each team’s response to either situation.
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