Liverpool FC Vs. Everton FC – The Merseyside Derby, English Premier League

Liverpool FC Vs. Everton FC

Everton FC will travel less than a thousand meters to face their local town city rivals, Liverpool FC, for the Merseyside derby at Anfield on Sunday, the 24th of April, 2022, at 11:30 AM ET.

The Merseyside derby is one of the most awaited soccer matches of the season in the English Premier League for soccer fans all over the world. This fixture has given birth to cult heroes and legends over the years.

Liverpool sits second on the table with 76 points, just a point behind league leaders Manchester City with 32 matches played.

On the other hand, Everton has struggled to win games this season and currently sits just one point above Burnley, who are in the relegation zone.

History of the Merseyside Derby

Both Liverpool Fc and Everton Fc are teams based in the city of Liverpool in England. These two teams have a long history dating back to more than a century.

Initially, there was only one soccer club in the whole city, Everton FC. Anfield was the original home ground for Everton before they shifted to Goodison Park.

However, things changed drastically in the club as the board members had different political and religious beliefs and had disputes over the club’s finances. This prompted the directors of Everton FC to leave Anfield and find themselves a new home. They eventually bought Goodison Park, which was not even a mile away from Anfield.

The lone remaining board member, John Houlding, created a new soccer club, Liverpool FC, and Anfield became their home ground. After the creation of Liverpool FC, the two clubs’ supporters were now pitted against each other even during the local elections. This is a brief on how their rivalry started on non-footballing terms.

In terms of the soccer game, this fixture was initially considered a very family-oriented derby. Even though two soccer clubs separated them, they were from the same city, with most of them being family members and friends throughout their lives.

There were never really major outbreaks of violence between the two sets of fans, unlike other local rivalries in the country. Liverpool FC have, by far, been the more successful team when it comes to winning accolades. They have set a high benchmark, not only in Liverpool but in the country, along with Manchester United.

Everton won their fair share of trophies in the past, but they haven’t been able to capitalize on their past glories. They have won 15 major trophies and a few Charity Shields in their 144 years of existence.

On the other hand, Liverpool FC have gone from strength to strength and are now one of the powerhouses of European soccer. They have a huge global fan following as they attract the best players from the best leagues in the world.

Liverpool have won 19 domestic league titles and 6 European Cups. They are the team with the most European trophies in England. They have won more than 64 trophies in their 130-year history.

Since its inception, Liverpool FC have come a long way and can now be called royalty in European soccer.

Significance of the Merseyside Derby in the title race

Liverpool and Everton have been fierce local rivals since the inception of their clubs. The game on Sunday is vital for both teams to reach their objectives for the season.

It is a game that can change the way their season pans up.

Liverpool must win to mount pressure on Manchester City

Liverpool are sitting just one point below Manchester City, and a loss against Everton would see them miss the chance to go to the top of the table. A draw or a loss would see City go ahead of them and create a gap of 3 or 4 points with just a few games remaining in the season.

Liverpool and Manchester City have been the two teams to set the standard in the English Premier League over the last few seasons. Liverpool won their first league title in 2020 after 30 years, and they have only grown stronger. After losing the title to City in 2021, they seem to be hungry for the trophy again this year and have chased down City to create only a point gap between them.

Everton must win to stay clear off the Relegation Zone

In the blue part of Merseyside, Everton have been strugglers in the Premier League this season. Their poor start to the season saw the club sack Rafa Benitez in January, 2022, six months into the job. After Benitez, the club brought in Frank Lampard to take charge of the reins, but he has also failed to take Everton away from the pressure of relegation.

If Everton loses to Liverpool on Sunday, the fight between them and Burnley will grow even tighter, and their chances of getting relegated will increase. Everton have a relatively more challenging run of games than Burnley on paper.

However, this is the Merseyside Derby, and you can surely expect a tough fight from both teams. The fans do not only want to see their teams winning by playing beautiful soccer, but they love to see the players give their blood and sweat for the win.

Local derbies are very tribalistic, and it is all about bragging rights at the end of the day for the fans. This match will undoubtedly be an excellent game for soccer lovers worldwide since much is at stake.

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