Lions Vs. Bears – Who Takes Home The Trophy?

Lions  Vs. Bears

The NFL is entering the 12th week of the season, and things are not looking good for the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions. While the Bears have three wins in ten games, the Lions are yet to register their first win of the season. So if you want to know more about the game, keep reading! Both teams are from the NFC South. They will meet on the 25th of November, and if the Bears wins, they have a good chance of improving their rankings.

Chicago Bears

Since the beginning of the season, the Detroit Bears haven’t been getting the results they wanted. They have seven losses, three of which came consecutively, including their last game. It was heartbreak for them when they had the lead but lost it on a field goal seconds before the end of the game. Against Baltimore, the story was pretty much the same, losing half-minute before the game ended. So that seems to have affected their morale and team spirit. But they have an opportunity ahead of them to change the script when they take on the Detroit Lions.

Fields and Dalton could be the difference-maker for the team. Although it’s still not confirmed if they will start the game, both players can make the QB runs and enhance the game dynamics in their favor. Dalton is excellent when it comes to finding pockets of spaces to exploit. So if both players start, the Bears could have an edge that afternoon.

Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions are finding it difficult to get a headstart in the season. It’s already the 12th week, and every game counts if they want to stay in the race. So there’s a lot of work for both teams. If they’re going to defeat their rivals on the 25th, they have to give their best. The difference for them might come in the form of their star player D’Andre Swift. He’s one of the fastest runners in the team and has already run about 555 yards in ten games. The 22-year-old has already eclipsed the 100-yard plateau in two games which is a positive sign.

Despite the losses, Detroit Lions have shown signs of some excellent defense. So it’s not going to be easy for the Bears to run through them. The problem lies in the offense, and that’s something to think about. But it looks likely that D’Andre Swift will have to try and break free throughout the game if they want to get their first win of the season.

Team weakness

Both the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears have one thing in common. They don’t have the best offense in the game, and that’s what keeps them from winning. Looking at the yards per play stats, the Lions are slightly better. But the difference isn’t much. So it will be interesting to see which team steps up enough to make those runs and secure the win on the 25th.

Odds to win

As it stands, Chicago Bears look likely to get the win against the Detroit Lions. However, Both teams don’t have much to play for. They are out of the competition, but a win for either team will boost their confidence. But it will be interesting to see which team steps up their offense because that will be the difference given that both their defenses are strong.

If you look at the defense rankings, the Detroit Lions are slightly better than the Chicago Bears. So despite no wins in the season, the match on 25th could be the one they finally break the losing streak.

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