Josh Parisian vs. Alan Baudot – Parisian defeats Baudot with a TKO

Josh Parisian vs. Alan Baudot

UFC Vegas produced some exhilarating fights to excite Nevada fans at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas.

Although fights between Arman Tsarukyan and Mateusz Gamrot (Lightweight) and Neil Magny vs. Shavkat Rakhmonov (Welterweight) produced fewer sparks, Josh Parisian displayed his MMA skills to defeat Alan Baudot with a TKO.

Parisian survived an early scare and sustained multiple onslaughts from Baudot to bounce back in the second round to overcome his opponent. It was a brilliant display of skills and power, which helped Parisian secure a TKO in the second round.

Parisian vs. Baudot before the match

According to industry experts, the heavyweight match between Parisian and Baudot had a lot of promise as both fighters had an excellent track record before their UFC debut.

Josh Parisian is one of the best strikers and was desperate to make his mark on the big stage. His ability to defeat opponents with knockouts had earned him six Kos in a row, making him a formidable opponent in the UFC APEX event.

Parisian vs Baudot UFC Vegas 57

On the other hand, Alan Baudot has a wealth of experience and will like to use his expertise to outrun his opponent. However, Baudot had failed to make his mark on the big stage and would love to secure his first point against Parisian.

Furthermore, both fighters have gone through a rough phase, owing to defeats against Parker Porter. In short, one fighter will have to wait longer for his win and will have to wait for a different opponent to secure a UFC win.

Perisian maintained his posture during the match and survived an early scare to win the heavyweight match via TKO.

How the match progressed

As mentioned earlier, both fighters were keen to make an impact on the UFC circuit, and both wanted to secure their first win. However, Baudot ensured that he had the first blood with his aggressive approach from the onset.

Baudot entered the match with an aggressive approach unleashing his fury on Parisian. His punches and kicks penetrated Parisian’s defense at will, and he was cruising through the round with an upper hand.

On the flipside, Parisian couldn’t start the match as expected and had trouble with his movement and accuracy. He failed to capitalize on moments offered by his opponent.

Parisian troubles were further extended when Baudot managed a knockdown. It looked like the French heavyweight would finish the match in the first round. However, Parisian survived the onslaught and came back strongly to seal the match in the second round.

Baudot’s standing fist

Baudot opened the fight with a barge of kicks and punches. It looked like the French fighter entered the fight with a lot of determination as he unleashed his brutal force on his opponent.

Baudot had been on a winless streak and had started the match with low kicks on his opponent. Although Parisian defused the attempt and countered with a spinning attack, Baudot continued his attack and caught Parisian with a kick and right hand to wobble the American fighter momentarily.

While Parisian slowly recovered from the onslaught, Baudot landed a standing fist, which knocked the American fighter for a moment. Baudot sprinted to capitalize on the opportunity and unleashed some brutal shots to close the fight.

UFC heavyweight Vegas 57 results

However, Parisian survived the onslaught and countered with a submission attempt. The French fighter had done enough damage to Parisian, as the American fighter’s submission attempt failed to make an impact.

Baudot defused the attempt and continued his offense, hammering Parisian with his kicks and punches. However, Parisian survived the early scare and secured a takedown to make the fight exciting.

The American fighter also landed some crucial blows as the official horn ended the first round.

The second chapter

After surviving a near knockout in the first round, Parisian gathered his spirits and altered his tactics to shift to an attacking stance. The American fighter utilized his height advantage and superior movement to defeat his opponent.

On the other hand, Baudot continued his aggressive approach in the second round and struck early with a haymaker. The French fighter had all the cards against the American MMA heavyweight as he landed his kicks and punches at will.

Although Parisian couldn’t capitalize on opportunities during the first round, his fighting stance was more composed in the second round. Despite receiving an early assault from Baudot, Parisian secured a takedown and got into commanding side control.

Parisian wanted to end the fight using his side control and unleashed a combination of punches to force a stoppage. However, Baudot survived the scare and got back to his feet, outlasting the American fighter’s effort.

Parisian’s takedown did some damage, and Baudot looked troubled for some moments. Although Baudot didn’t lose his stance after the takedown, he did fail to make an impact after the brutal assault by the American fighter.

Parisian took the advantage and pushed Baudot to the fence, securing a second takedown. The American fighter’s second effort was on point, as he got into a commanding position to settle the fight.

Parisian took full advantage of his commanding position and unleashed a combination of brutal punches on his opponent. The officials observed the mayhem for some moment, and it took the referee a few moments to call the fight.

Parisian defeats Baudot via TKO

The referee’s call to stop the fight marked the impressive comeback of Parisian, as he came back from behind to win the match. The win marks the 15th career win for Parisian and the 11th win via knockout.

Final result: Josh Parisian defeated Alan Baudot via TKO at UFC Vegas 57.

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