Jack Hermansson Vs. Sean Strickland: Win streak continues for Strickland

Jack Hermansson Vs. Sean Strickland

UFC continues to deliver spectacular fights at UFC APEX as Jack Hermansson and Sean Strickland locked horns on Saturday at Las Vegas. The 6th ranked Hermansson entered the octagon to break the win streak of Strickland.

On Saturday, Sean Strickland won his sixth consecutive fight in the main event, defeating Jack Hermansson with 49-46, 49-46, 47-48 scores. Although Hermansson tried his best to break Strickland’s winning streak, Strickland continued his UFC Fight Night dominance. He won the fight via split decision and accomplished his 25th win.

Match progress

The first round saw both the fighters exchanging blows with each other. While Hermansson took advantage of close frames with body and leg kicks, Strickland troubled “The Joker” with consistent jabs. In short, both fighters fought with their experience and prevented being outsmarted.

With both players failing to produce a deciding moment, fans expected more in the second round. However, it followed a similar trend, with both fighters struggling to overpower each other. While Strickland blocked takedowns, he landed a right hand, flooring Hermansson before the round ended.

The third stanza didn’t spark the fight as both fighters failed to capitalize. Strickland’s jab failed to penetrate Hermansson’s defense, while Hermansson missed crucial opportunities against the Californian. The fighters lacked urgency, and fans hoped that the next round would offer some excitement.

The fourth round started with some aggression from “The Joker” as he had some urgency in his attack. Hermansson tried to secure a takedown, but Strickland was far too superior with his defense. He avoided the incoming fire and landed a jab on Hermansson to end the round.

With four rounds lacking aggression and determination, the fifth round needed some excellence from the fighters. Hermansson started the round aggressively and nearly secured a takedown to pressurize Strickland. However, the Californian defused the attempt as Hermansson couldn’t find his combination.

With seconds remaining on the clock, both fighters made their last attempt to get the upper hand. These were the best moments in the match as the horn marked the full-time.

Results: Sean Strickland won via split decision (49-46, 49-46, 47-48)

UFC Fight Night Co-Main Event

In the Co-Main Event, Nick Maximov defeated Punahele Soriano via split decision. Maximov continued to impress with his track record that reads 8-0 after this fight. Despite fighting with a bleeding nose, the Californian stood his ground and didn’t allow Soriano to outsmart him.

Maximov landed a sharp right hand in the first round with a takedown attempt. However, Soriano defused the attempt and fought back to the ground. Maximov tried a second takedown attempt only to get a shot from Soriano that left his nose bleeding.

The Californian kept pressuring his opponent and placed himself in a commanding position. However, Soriano avoided a takedown, owing to his defensive tactics. The round ended with both fighters failing to land a decisive blow to each other.

Maximov started the second round aggressively, pressurizing his opponent with his grappling attacks. However, he couldn’t capitalize on his start and inflict much damage. On the other hand, the Hawaiian ensured that his defensive skills were adequate and controlled the middle frame of the second round.

With both fighters failing to capitalize in the previous rounds, the match entered a tensed third round. However, Maximov used his wrestling skills with good effect and dominated the final stanza. The Californian’s wrestling prowess proved effective and decided the match in his favor.

Results: Nick Maximov won via split decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29)

Shavkat Rakhmonov Vs Carlston Harris

The UFC Vegas saw Shavkat Rakhmonov demolish Carlston Harris with a spinning heel kick. After devastating the Brazilian MMA fighter, the welterweight prospect continued his impressive record and remained undefeated.

The undefeated fighter looked for the kill from the initial moments, which produced the best highlight of the match – reel-spinning heel kick. Rakhmonov continued his dominance by hammering several punches on his opponent, leaving Harris liming in the octagon.

Despite Harris’s initial aggression, Rakhmonov outsmarted his opponent with his tactics. Although Harris showed defensive takedown abilities, Rakhmonov’s agility and technically sound strikes continued to trouble the Brazilian from the outside.

Rakhmonov continued his aggression and launched his spinning heel to send Harris down in the first round’s final minute. He jumped on top and started throwing several punches on his opponent’s face. Eventually, one of his shots found Harris’s chin, leaving the Brazilian unconscious.

The referee prevented Rakhmonov from punishing Harris further, which ended the match. Rakhmonov celebrated his victory by knocking out Carlston Harris in four minutes and ten seconds. He accomplished his third consecutive UFC win with a career record of 15-0.

The win has put Rakhmonov in the spotlight, and the jaw-dropping Saturday night finish is on a different level. Although many consider Khamzat Chimaev one of the best welterweight prospects, Rakhmonov might steal that position with his outstanding record.

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