Fury Vs. Wilder 3

Tyson Fury Vs. Deontay Wilder 3 is probably one of the biggest heavyweight boxing matches in history! The hype around the fight was massive, and it lived up to all the fans’ expectations. It was the match to settle the score finally. With one win each on the previous two matches, it set the stage for the trilogy that everyone wanted.

The T-Mobile Arena was ready to host the match, and the WBC champion Tyson Fury was once again prepared to defend the title against a familiar foe. Here’s how the match went down.

How the fight progressed

The fighters made their grand entrance into the arena and took the ring. The T-Mobile arena was packed with screaming fans, and there were many celebrities in the audience. It was the fight of the year. The fight lasted for eleven rounds, and each fighter gave their best performance.

Round one took off fast for Wilder. He was more active while Fury took his time to find his rhythm. It was a close round, but it went Wilder’s way.

Fury stepped it up in round two. Eventually, the round went to him. Round three saw Wilder tire out, and Fury took full advantage and landed an uppercut. He won the round 10-8.

The fourth round was all Wilder. He landed some neat combinations and knocked Fury down twice. So he comfortably won the round.

But the tide started to shift from the fifth round. Fury was landing more significant strikes and had Wilder on the fence on many occasions. The punches kept coming, and Wilder struggled to cope with it. The momentum went on till the tenth round, and Fury was winning all of them. Although Wilder countered with some good strikes, he got knocked down in the tenth round. That was the beginning of the end. It didn’t take long in the eleventh round when Fury landed a massive uppercut knocking out Wilder. The referee intervened and immediately stopped the fight.

So Tyson Fury successfully defended his title and ensured that he is still the best in the heavyweight division. Both fighters had their moments, but he showed why he is still the champion.

What next for Tyson Fury?

The rivalry with Deontay Wilder is now done, according to Tyson Fury. It was the match he badly needed because it was perfectly poised to end the debate on who is the better heavyweight fighter. He got the win and raised his status as the top dog in the heavyweight division. But as the champ, he still has opponents in line. Although he didn’t say much in the post-match press conference, it looks like there are potential fights in line.

Dillian Whyte is in line for the WBC title, and that looks like the next match for Tyson Fury. However, the win against Wilder also puts him on top of the list of undisputed champions, and it places him perfectly for a showdown with Oleksandr Usyk or Anthony Joshua. So these are big fights, and the fans would love it to happen.

However, Tyson Fury can decide about the future while he takes a break after his successful win. If he’s up for it, who knows? He could fight all three of them and add to his title tally! So you can expect some exciting news in the coming months. But for now, the champ conquered the ring and walked out with his belt.

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