Eliminating Buffering Issues on IPTV Streaming

Eliminating Buffering Issues

You come home from a long day’s work and want to relax by watching your favorite show on IPTV, but the video freezes in between. How annoyed do you feel when this happens?

This process is called buffering, and this happens when there is a need for the segments to be downloaded to stream the video.

IPTV or Internet Protocol Television is a service that provides television content through an internet connection. It is used to stream videos online, such as movies, TV shows, PPV events, etc.

Since IPTV delivers content using an internet connection, it is bound to have buffering issues while streaming videos. Since IPTV does not stream directly from the primary source, it will have some delays while streaming content.

There are many other factors also that cause videos to buffer while streaming. Let us look at how we can fix the buffering issues regarding IPTV streaming.

How to Fix Buffering Issues

It is impossible to fix buffering issues entirely, but there are some ways in which we can minimize their effect on video streaming.

Check Internet Speed

You should check your internet connection if your video buffers a lot while streaming a video on IPTV. IPTV requires a fast internet connection to stream its videos without any disturbances.

When streaming videos with high definition, they will probably need a lot more than just a decent internet speed. To watch high-quality videos without any interruption, it is essential to have a fast internet connection in your home or workplace.

You require a minimum of 6 MBPS to run movies or shows having high-definition quality and 25 MBPS to stream videos that have ultra-HD quality. In this case, there is not much you can do to change the outcome of streaming.

If you can afford to get an internet subscription that has a speed of 25 MBPS, you will be able to enjoy streaming without buffering. If not, the other option is to change your internet service provider.

Disconnect Unwanted Devices

In this modern age, everything functions with the help of the internet. There are not many devices that do not require internet services to operate. This can also be a problem that indirectly leads to buffering issues while watching videos on IPTV.

When there are many devices connected to your WiFi network decreases the speed of the internet. You should disconnect all those devices that are not in use while trying to watch movies online.

They hamper your internet speed as those devices also use up data to run their apps and other features. This takes away some of the internet processing speed that your device should receive since the bandwidth is shared among all the devices.

So, it is advisable to turn off access to the internet for these devices when not in use. This will help in minimizing the buffering issues to a reasonable extent.

Restart the WiFi Router

Sometimes there are problems with the WiFi router itself. So, it can be helpful to turn it off and on again to see if it helps with the buffering.

The connection between the router and your device gets disrupted due to technical issues. So, as we do with all electronic devices, you should try rebooting the router.

You can also restart your IPTV device to check where the problem lies. Rebooting is a process that can fix many issues. It helps to create a new connection again.

If you are experiencing buffering issues for an extended period, another reason could be the WiFi Access Point being too far from your IPTV device. We suggest placing your WiFi/Router as close as possible to the device where you are watching TV.

Sometimes, ISP could be DNS or traffic throttling, which would generate buffering. We suggest changing your device’s DNS nameservers to use Google DNS instead of your ISP’s default nameservers.

For this reason, you need to change the device’s DNS to nameservers Ips and, respectively.

Get a Wired Connection

A wireless internet connection is convenient, and it doesn’t make you stick to one spot in the house. However, it does come with its negative impacts.

One of the best options to increase your internet speed is to use a wired internet connection for your device. Always purchase a router or a modem that is compatible with ethernet cables.

The problem with having a standard WiFi connection is that it slows down your internet bandwidth. This leads to buffering while watching videos on IPTV.

Shifting to a wired internet connection will give you a cleaner speed and fewer disturbances.

Pause the Video

A straightforward method is to pause the video streaming for some a period. This will help the video form a bigger buffer.

The data packets have not reached the server when a video buffers. For this purpose, you can pause the video for a short period while waiting for the data packets to get downloaded from your server.

You will be able to minimize buffering using this method. All you need is to click on the video and let the segments get downloaded so that you can have an uninterrupted movie session.

Decrease Video Quality

If you do not have the patience to wait for the buffering to end or pause the video, you should change the video quality settings to low.

High-quality videos require fast internet speed to stream, but any quality lower than HD can be streamed without interruptions, even with a decent internet speed.

Switching the quality from high to low will make the streaming smoother.

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