Dillian Whyte vs. Tyson Fury: Fury announces retirement on a high!

Dillian Whyte vs. Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury retained his WBC heavyweight title after defeating British boxer Dilian Whyte in a packed Wembley stadium. With Fury’s retirement circulating the boxing circuit, Saturday’s match had drawn in massive numbers as 94,000 fans turned in to witness the iconic game.

The fight looked one-sided as Fury controlled and dominated the game without unleashing his potential. He won the match in the 6th round with an unforgiving uppercut that knocked Dillian Whyte down. The win maintained the unbeaten record of never losing a game in Fury’s boxing career.

In short, Saturday’s WBC game was epic and witnessed two of the best boxers in the world. While Whyte would be proud of his efforts, Fury had the last laugh after securing his 23rd career knockout in the 6th round.

Fury vs. Whyte – the fight in the making

Fury’s retirement plans were in the air as he hinted that he would end his career soon. But many experts believe that Fury might break his retirement if WBC recalls him for a match with Anthony Joshua or Oleksandr Usyk.

In an interview with BT Sport, Fury confessed that he had promised his wife that he would announce retirement after fighting Deontay Wilder. However, when event organizers contacted Fury about Saturday’s fight, he couldn’t refuse.

Fury further explains that he decided to accept the fight as he wanted to thank his fans who have supported him throughout his career, especially in matches held at the iconic Wembley stadium. Fury feels that he owes to all his fans and wanted to take this opportunity to thank his supporters for their undying support.

According to various reports, Joshua or Usyk were the original contenders for the fight. However, due to some negotiation issues, Dillian Whyte got the opportunity to challenge for the WBC heavyweight title.

Fury vs. Whyte – What happened during the match?

The London Stadium witnessed one of the biggest WBC clashes, with Tyson Fury closing the match with an uppercut. Both boxers received an overwhelming response and cheer from the audience as they stepped inside the boxing ring.

Tyson Fury, or the “Gypsy King,” entered the fight with an impressive record of never losing a match. On the other hand, Whyte had previously tasted defeat on two occasions, and the Jamaican-born boxer wanted to secure the WBC heavyweight title by defeating Fury.

Fury was confident before the match commenced as he believed that he could end his career on a high. On the other hand, Dillian Whyte accepted the challenge and wanted to break the undefeated record of Tyson Fury.

As the match progressed

After receiving loud cheers from the fans, both boxers entered the ring passionately to deliver the best. While Dillian Whyte had accepted the challenge for the final bout, Fury had his reputation under pressure as he wanted to maintain his unbeaten run.

As the first round began, Fury’s superior experience helped him dominate the match, as the challenger found it hard to manage range and combination with his shots. The “Gypsy King” looked sharper from the onset, and it was evident throughout the match.

Although Whyte managed to pile some combinations and gave his fans some moments for celebration, the defending champion was far from disturbed. Whyte’s jabs were missing the target, and he failed in most of his attempts to stun the defending champion.

The first round ended without any breakthrough, and many experts insisted that Whyte was a miss-match for the heavyweight title champion. On the other hand, Fury was confident with his approach and led the first round with more points than the challenger.

The second round witnessed similar results as Whyte failed to impact with his clueless jabs and wild overhand rights. The “Bodysnatcher” tried to close in on the defending champion on multiple occasions but couldn’t capitalize on his offense.

Fury showcased superior composure over his challenger and continued dominance over the Jamaican-born boxer. Additionally, Fury’s superior reach and size were too much for the “Bodysnatcher” as he failed to break into the defenses of the defending champion.

The 3rd and 4th rounds offered similar results as the challenger looked exhausted while trying his best to make an impact on the scoreboard. However, fans had more on their cards as the match entered the 5th round.

Knockout in the final second

After surviving four rounds and failing to disturb the defending champion inside the ring, Whyte began his offensive with multiple jabs at the defending champion. However, his attempts were futile as Fury’s defenses were far superior to the wild jabs.

On the other hand, Fury had all the answers for Whyte’s offense as he defused it with ease. The defending champion scored a one-two late in the 5th round to move ahead on the points tally, securing the 5th round to his name.

After getting stunned in the 5th round, Whyte continued to try his luck with his jabs, only to meet disappointment and missed opportunities. The 6th round proved to be a disaster for the challenger as a mistake exposed his jaw, receiving a spectacular uppercut from the defending champion.

The brutal knock stunned the challenger as he fell to the canvas. Although Whyte stood back to finish the fight, the uppercut was more than enough to send him down as he collapsed again. The referee waved the fight, and the defending champion retained his WBC heavyweight title with an impressive 23rd career knockout.

The Wembley stadium had got its money’s worth as fans cheered the defending champion as he posed for the victory pose with his team members.

What’s next on the WBC circuit?

WBC has a busy schedule in 2022 with more title fights on the line. May, June, and July! WBC is hot and happening with title fights, including Canelo Alvarez vs. Dmitry Bivol, Jarmell Charlo vs. Brian Castano, Gervonta Davis vs. Rolando Romero, and many more.

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