Denver Broncos vs. Cleveland Browns: Which team will make a difference

In an epic clash, the two teams will be playing the 11th week of the National Football League. The upcoming match on Friday, 22nd of October, 8:20 pm EST, will be an event to remember. It will be at the Brown’s turf, at the FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio.   

In their last game, the Cleveland Browns lost to Arizona Cardinals with a 14-37 score. The Denver Broncos couldn’t secure a win in their previous game either. They went up against the Las Vegas Raiders and lost ten points short, at 24-34. With both teams at a record of 3 wins and 3 losses each, they are perfect opponents for each other.  

Looking at their history, they may have created a bit of a rivalry from a few years back. The last time they played each other was in November 2019. The Broncos beat the Browns, 24-19. The Browns were just a few points short, but Las Vegas ultimately got the better of them. With the approaching rematch, this could be a chance at some sweet payback.   

How did they perform in their last games?  

The Denver Broncos were embarrassingly beaten down on their home turf during their previous match. The stage was set on Mike Shanahan’s day, as the Broncos faced off against the Las Vegas Raiders. The spotlight was on Derek Carr, who had at least 7 completions of 25 yards.   

The Raiders slapped the Broncos with a 48-yard touchdown pass to Henry Ruggs during the first quarter. However, the Broncos hit back with a touchdown drive of their own. Pat Shurmur carried the mantle in his first-ever opening drive touchdown after joining the Broncos. Then, a 23-yard touchdown by Tim Patrick brought the Broncos back in the game. 

The second quarter was highly disappointing for the Broncos. They missed some key moments, letting the Raiders score a touchdown towards the end. The third half was even worse as we witnessed the Broncos get totally destroyed.   

Finally, the Broncos managed to put up an attack in the last quarter, gradually bringing some steam into the game. However, the Raiders landed the final blow as Derek Carr delivered a third and six bomb for 51 yards. After the dust settled, it was Las Vegas who appeared victorious. 

The Cleveland Browns, too, suffered a major defeat in the hands of the Arizona Cardinals. Even without their star linebacker, the Cardinals outmaneuvered the Browns at every turn. Kyler Murray dealt the most damage, scoring four touchdowns against the Browns. With Kareem Hunt suffering an injury to the calf, the situation for Cleveland seemed dire.  

Towards the end of the game, the Cardinals came out on top with a brutal final score of 37-14.   

The battle for redemption  

With both teams at low morale, the upcoming game is going to be a crucial event. Both teams desperately need a win and are prepared to fight for it.   

The Broncos, having lost the last three games consecutively, seem to be on a terrible streak. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t put up a tough fight. The Broncos seem to have a solid defensive line, according to statistics. But three back-to-back losses have shattered that illusion. The team will heavily depend on their quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to carry the game.  

The Browns, too, have had their fair share of losses. However, with two defeats in a row, they are arguably in better shape. But one single mistake could cost them yet another match, making them lose three games in a row.  

What’s more, the Browns suffer from a string of injuries to their players. This could ultimately affect their performance, as they won’t be playing at full strength. With so much at stake, It is a grueling face-off between two underdogs.  

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