Curtis Blaydes vs. Chris Daukaus – UFC Columbus makes history

Curtis Blaydes vs. Chris Daukaus

The UFC Columbus match between Curtis Blaydes and Chris Daukaus created history as Blaydes secured his 11th knockout win to upset Daukaus. The Saturday night game significantly impacted UFC history as it became the highest-grossing game.

Blaydes landed a lethal right hand to knock Daukaus within 17 seconds of the second round. The victory propelled Blaydes closer to the heavyweight title as he demanded a fight against former champion Gane anytime in 2022. The excitement inside the arena was electrifying, and Blaydes delivered the spark to add more fireworks.

Ohio was up for some fireworks as the Nationwide Arena hosted UFC Columbus. After two years, the match marked the return of full-fledged Fight Night events and was nothing short of a celebration for UFC enthusiasts.

The match was part of a promotional event that marks the return of UFC Fight Night events after pandemic restrictions have relaxed significantly. The promotional run with hit more American cities and countries later this year.

As the match progressed

The UFC Columbus featured the heavyweight fight between Chris Daukaus and Curtis Blaydes as the main event. Although Blaydes was the favorite to win the match because of his superior wrestling skills, Daukaus had the brutal force to disrupt the defenses of any heavyweight player.

The match saw Blaydes in a different stance, relying more on his MMA skills than his conventional wrestling prowess. In short, Blaydes surprised everyone with his MMA skills without relying on his grappling attacks.

The first round saw both fighters go steady with the fight as Blaydes and Daukaus relied on defensive compositions instead of moving forward. Although Daukaus began with an early right hand on Blaydes, the Razor was confident to defuse the strike.

Daukaus continued to disturb Blaydes moving around the octagon while the Razor stood rock solid with his defense. Halfway down the first round, Daukaus launched a flurry of punches to catch Blaydes with a right hand. However, these strikes were not enough to disturb Blaydes as he stood firm inside the octagon.

Despite Daukaus landing punches on the Razor, Blaydes caught Daukaus with his right hand, opening a cut on his left eyelid. Although blood drained down Daukaus’s body, the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt continued with the fight. However, the wound slowed down Daukaus as he altered his game, returning to his defense.

While Daukaus was bleeding, Blaydes employed some aggression, landing punches over Daukaus as his opponent looked to weather the storm. The referee had to stop the fight as Blaydes caught Daukaus’ left eye with his thumb. After a brief pause and confirmation from Daukaus, the fighters were back in action.

Blaydes continued to be the aggressor as he picked up the pace with his assault, catching Daukaus multiple times. However, Daukaus defused the attempts and survived the round without providing opportunities to his opponent to overpower him.

The round ended with fans cheering for Blaydes, and it looked he had outdone himself restraining him from relying more on his grappling attacks. While many believed that the second round could produce some takedowns from Blades, showcasing his superior wrestling skills.

Daukaus coach warned him that Blaydes would come all out to force a takedown during the break. The coach advised Daukaus to watch his defense and take Blaydes by surprise when attempting a takedown. However, Blaydes had other plans for the night, and nobody would have imagined what was around the corner.

The knockout round

With fans, critics, and Daukaus’ coach expecting multiple takedown attempts from the Razor, Blaydes showcased a different side, relying more on his brute force than his grappling skills.

The round started with Blaydes and Daukaus using a defensive approach to pounce on each other’s mistake. After exchanging a few punches, an attacking move forward from Daukaus left his guard open and gave the perfect opening to Blaydes to finish the match.

Blaydes landed a fierce right hand on Daukaus, leaving the American MMA fighter on his knees. Blaydes took the opportunity and unleashed a barrage of punches until referee Herb Dean pushed Blaydes before he could land more damage.

Blaydes won the fight with a knockout in the 17th second on the second round. The victory takes Blaydes to his 16th mixed martial arts win and the 11th with a KO. Blaydes continued his winning streak and called out for a title shot against Ciryl Gane anytime this year.

After celebrating his victory with his fans and supporters, Blaydes checked Daukaus and congratulated him for putting up an impressive fight. Although Blaydes looked like the better fighter inside the octagon, Daukaus was brilliant with his movement and defense.

Final scores: Curtis Blaydes won the UFC Columbus with a second-round knockout.

How did UFC Columbus create history?

The Covid 19 pandemic has hit the sports industry hard, and UFC Fight Night events are no exception. Although UFC Fight Night events had matches, government restrictions imposed after lockdowns had curbed the excitement and UFC attendance.

However, things changed on Saturday as UFC Columbus created history by becoming the highest-grossing UFC event. According to the official report, the event got a significant response from UFC fans as UFC Columbus racked up a substantial sum of $1,921,988.

The Nationwide Arena witnessed a sold-out crowd with 18,630 fans cheering during the main event. The UFC Columbus marks the beginning of a promotional event that will expand over various countries and other American cities throughout the year.

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