Curtis Blaydes and Chris Daukaus highlight UFC Columbus in Ohio

Curtis Blaydes vs Chris Daukaus

After Jan Blachowicz backed out of the 26th March headliner against Aleksandar Rakic due to an injury, speculations grew as the UFC management sought replacements for the fight.

Since many fans were eager to witness Rakic lock horns with Blachowicz, the UFC management had to deliver quality, and honestly, they have delivered. Curtis Blaydes will face Chris Daukaus in the UFC Columbus, ensuring an electrifying atmosphere at the Ohio arena.

Blaydes vs. Daukaus’ heavyweight match will be exciting to watch as you can witness brute force and power from both ends. While Blaydes will be confident after a win over Jairzinho Rozenstruik, Daukaus will want to overcome his defeat against Derrick Lewis last year.

Additionally, Blaydes will enter the octagon will a confident five-match winning streak, while Daukaus ended his after Lewis knocked him out in the first round. It will be an exciting match to witness and is undoubtedly the ideal replacement for the original Rakic and Blachowicz match.

Blaydes vs Daukaus comparison

Although Blaydes has more reach advantage, Daukaus can become lethal with his speed and accuracy, ensuring a better finish rate than his opponent. Daukaus also leads the Knockout counter with 10 KOs. However, he has lost more fights than Blaydes, meaning Daukaus will have to employ multiple tactics to overcome his opponent.

Here is a comparison chart that will help you understand the stats better.

Stats Curtis Blaydes Chris Daukaus
Age 31 32
Wins 15 12
Losses 3 4
Total fights 19 16
Height 6 ft 4 inches 6 ft 3 inches
Finish Rate 67% 92%
Reach 80 inches 76 inches
KO’s 9 10

If you compare both players side by side, you won’t find any significant differences. However, Daukaus has a better finish rate, which can help him edge past Blaydes when they lock horns on 26th March.

Likewise, Blaydes has better reach and more experience in his bag, which may be the deciding factor, paving the results in his favor. In short, the UFC Columbus will pack some exciting moments, and fans will be eager to witness these exceptional fighters locking horns inside the UFC Fight Night octagon.

Skills to watch

Both fighters pack unique skills in their arsenal and can destroy opponents in seconds. While Blaydes is taller than Daukas has an impressive 92% finish rate in his kitty, 25% more than Blaydes’ career stats.

However, Blaydes has superior wrestling skills, and his grappling attack can take out any defense. In short, Blaydes’ grappling approach will be one of the key highlights to watch on Saturday, which can be a deciding tactic for the Colorado fighter.

On the other hand, Daukas will rely on his agility and combinations to counter Blaydes’ superior wrestling skills. Although Daukaus has never had a successful takedown attempt, his TD defense is impressive and will undoubtedly be a crucial weapon against Blaydes.

Likewise, Daukaus will want to rely on KO than takedown and will look for the kill whenever he gets the opportunity. However, Blaydes also has a fair share of KOs, and Daukaus will be aware that a lethal knockout blow is around the corner.

In short, both heavyweight fighters have skills to edge past each other, and Saturday night will reveal the fighter that utilized his skills to their optimum.

What happened in their previous matches?

As we mentioned earlier, Blaydes will be entering the octagon on Saturday after a win against heavyweight fighter Jairzinho Rozenstruik. The PPV event saw Blaydes win with a unanimous decision over Rozenstruik.

Blaydes’ superior wrestling skills were evident in this match as he secured a successful takedown within 90 seconds of the first round. Blaydes continued his dominance throughout the fight with multiple takedowns, draining energy from his opponent.

It looked like Blaydes wanted to redeem his knockout loss to Lewis and ensure that he got every bit right in this match. Although Blaydes failed to secure a perfect win, his grappling tactics have proven a trump card at UFC Fight Nights.

Meanwhile, Daukaus will be eager to redeem himself after his first-round knockout back in December 2021. Derrick Lewis created history after he knocked Daukaus in the first round in the UFC Fight Night 199.

Daukaus started the fight cautiously, calculating the best angles to attack as he feinted around the octagon. However, Lewis upped the ante and went all guns blazing at the American fighter.

Although Daukaus tried his best to counter and improve his defenses, Lewis’s brute force was more than enough to send Daukaus face down on the mat. Daukaus couldn’t stand the heat, and Lewis won the match in under four minutes of the first round.

In short, Daukaus will have more expectations from his UFC Columbus face off against Blaydes and will love to come in all guns blazing to redeem his previous loss and reputation.

Reasons to watch

Both Blaydes and Daukaus were heavyweight title contenders, but Lewis shattered their dreams. The UFC Columbus will provide the ideal stage for both players to mark the title shot.

While Blaydes will employ his superior grappling techniques to trouble his opponent, Daukaus will want a standing fight, where his agility could make a difference.

In short, the stakes are high for this 26th March encounter, and fans will be eager to see the next heavyweight title contender. Besides, a win can also produce future mouthwatering matchups against Cyril Gane, Tai Tuivasa, or Stipe Miocic.

Date: 26th March 2022

Time: 9:30 PM

Venue: Nationwide Arena, Ohio

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