Colby Covington vs. Jorge Masvidal – Partners turn foes

Colby Covington vs. Jorge Masvidal

On Saturday, UFC 272 returned to the T-Mobile Arena with a welterweight clash between Colby Covington and long-time friend Jorge Masvidal. This highly anticipated match between former teammates and training partners buzzed the internet after their heated confrontation during the press meet.

It was an epic welterweight grudge as interim roost-ruler Covington defeated his former training partner Masvidal by unanimous decision. The fight had the audience biting their nails throughout the match as two of the best welterweight fighters entered the octagon.

Before proceeding further, let’s check some stats.

Colby Covington stats

Height 5 ft 11 in
Weight 169 pounds (77kg)
Reach 72 in (183 cm)
Division Welterweight
Wins 17
Knockouts 1


Jorge Masvidal stats

Height 5 ft 11 in
Weight 170 pounds (77 kg)
Reach Welterweight
Division 74 in (188 cm)
Wins 35
Knockouts 2


What did fans expect from Convington vs. Masvidal’s fight?

Convington and Masvidal were close friends and training partners. However, as their friendship became sour, the pair had spent years exchanging barbs in various interviews.

Their UFC 272 clash at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas set the internet on fire, with many claiming it to be the most anticipated match of 2022. The welterweight division is one of the most popular UFC categories, alluring fans of different ages.

As the UFC 272 Main Event progressed

After a heated exchange at the press conference before the match, friends turned foe entered the octagon to resolve their verbal barbs through physical prowess. While Masvidal had more reach advantage, Convington had wrestling skills to counter Masvidal’s reach.

Masvidal’s intentions were clear from the beginning as he launched a wild flying kick to dismantle his opponent. However, Convington defused the attempt with his perfect body movement. The fighters slowed their pace and opted for tactical approaches to disturb each other.

The first round erupted when Masvidal landed several kicks that disrupted Convington’s stance. However, Convington defused the situation by attempting a takedown attack with Masvidal complaining of a poked eye.

Despite Masvidal’s effort of diffusing Convington’s takedown attempts, the Southpaw used his wrestling skills to perfection. He continued dominating the fight dragging Masvidal on various occasions.

Masvidal got his rhythm back in the second round, looking more positive and consistent. He combined his offensive attack with crucial kicks and elbows, striking Convinton’s eye and opening a cut. However, it didn’t bother Convington as he continued to use his grappling technique to good effect.

Setting up pace in round 3

After several takedown attempts from Convington, he used his close-distance striking abilities to clinch a successful takedown in round 3. His wrestling skills were more than enough for Masvidal as Convington dominated the entire round.

Convington’s grappling attack crippled Masvidal’s energy as he struggled to hold his feet on the ground. The Southpaw continued his dominance dragging his opponent along the cage most of the time using his superior wrestling skills.

The American MMA fighter had no answer for Convington’s wrestling attacks, and all he did was evade and survive the round. However, Convington’s dominance sapped Masvidal’s energy, helping Convington gather more points.

Masvidal’s revival in the 4th round

Convington’s onslaught of grappling attacks continued in round 4 as he troubled Masvidal with his superior wrestling skills. Since Masvidal’s energy was ticking the red line, the American struggled with his combination and fighting skills.

Although Convington sapped Masvidal’s energy in the 3rd round, the American fighter landed a crucial blow on the Southpaw. The crushing right hand nearly knocked Convington as he stumbled backward, forcing him to take a knee.

Unfortunately, Masvidal had no energy to finish the fight, allowing Convington to recover from the deadly blow. This crushing right hand was the best shot of the night as it nearly paved the way for Masvidal’s victory.

The final round of trauma

Despite getting a golden opportunity to finish the fight in the 4th round, Masvidal looked to repeat his crushing right hand in the final round. However, Convington diffused his plans by attacking and blitzing forward, leading to a takedown.

Convington used his grappling attack to hold Masvidal’s body, ensuring that the American had no option to recover. Convington diffused Masvidal’s attempt to get back on his feet, killing time with his superior wrestling skills.

Convington ensured that he did the damage with his grappling attacks, ensuring that the scorecard would favor him. It was not an emphatic ending as fans anticipated more from this match, as the judges declared Convington’s victory with a unanimous decision.

The Southpaw did everything right to grab the victory, and his superior wrestling skills were more than enough to defeat Masvidal. On the other hand, Masvidal had crucial moments in his side and would have possibly ended the fight with a knockout.

In short, the UFC 272 match came down to the wire, and fans had some exciting moments during the match.

Final scores: Convington wins via unanimous decision (49-46, 50-44, and 50-45)

What happened after the match?

Masvidal confessed that his performance was not up to the mark and blamed his inferior wrestling skills for the loss. He admitted that his grappling techniques were not on point, and he would work more in this area.

On the other hand, Convington refused to comment on the fight. However, he challenged Dustin Poirier for his next grudge match and announced he was ready for the fight.

Meanwhile, Rafael dos Anjos defeated Renato Moicano in the UFC 272’s Co-main event by unanimous decision (49-45, 49-44, and 50-44).

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