Canada’s Sudden Cancellation Of Three Major 2021 Hockey Tournaments (And what it can mean for the future of the country’s winter sport)

This year Canada had to call off the Canadian Tire Para Hockey Cup, the World Junior A Challenge, and the National Women’s U18 Hockey Championship because of the increasing health risks caused by the virus.

The country has consistently hosted the said three international and national hockey tournaments since the 2000s. The need to continue this tradition was vital. However, there seems to be no decline or complete cure to the Covid-19 virus that broke out in the early months of 2020. Hence, for the safety of the sports players and the spectators, the Hockey Canada authorities saw it fit to cancel this year’s tournaments.

It was also the 2020 Junior Hockey League that pressured this decision. Several players and their coach and support team were affected by the virus. And unfortunately, it was the final game for most of them. The sickness had taken over them. Hence, being aware of the repercussions, it was high time for Canada to put a hold on all sports events.

However, Canada is not the only country temporarily disabling tournaments and sports activities. The unpredictable surges in the number of covid-19 cases have forced a list of countries to do the same. To name a few- London (Marathon), South Korea (Football), Oregon (Athletics), and many more.

How the pandemic will change the future of Hockey

To envisage a post-covid hockey game is to imagine a completely different winter sport. It is so because; the sport involves strategic defense and attack moves that often require physical contact. However, the safety guidelines have ruled out body checks from the game. Hence, it will alter the game to a certain extent. While this change in regulation may have its benefits (less risk of injury among players), it still handicaps professional players from utilizing their full potential.

Along with the complete ban of body checks, there are other changes in the rules. Most of them pertain to the sanitation of the rinks, vaccination and health of the players, hygiene guidelines, etc. An example of these implementations is the rule that referees will not employ whistles. And they may not use whistles for a long time, as flags have taken their place for signaling and pointing out any rule violations. However, the efficiency of flags with no whistle is yet to be proven.

Last but not least, the change in the audience. The squealing fans with their painted faces, waving at the camera, and loud chants from the crowd will be a picture hard to imagine for the coming generations. This is a strong possibility because the future seems to favor online streaming, where the spectator will be at no risk. Even today, we find people shifting more towards IPTV streaming platforms. These service providers include well-known networks like Netflix, Amazon Prime and growing platforms like Roomba TV. To watch TV online and avail their services, you can buy IPTV at low prices. It is more affordable with more content than cable services. They also allow you to watch PPV live. With PPV (Pay per view) option, you can manage the amount you spend on these platforms.

Will Hockey suffer short-term or long-term effects?

Hockey as a sport will undergo both short and long-term problems. The short-term impact is the withdrawal of tournaments for this year and probably the following year included. The change in rules, audience and professional team structures will impact the game in the long run.

The Women’s hockey team of Canada may go through a storm of uncertainty. It is only a few years since they surfaced from their fall. And therefore, it is likely that the effects of the pandemic will have a severe toll on them.

Can we expect the tournaments to return by 2022?

The possibility of a 2022 Canadian Hockey Tournaments remains uncertain. The wavering situation and the doubtful ability of the vaccine only further add to the uncertainty.

And with sudden lockdowns being imposed from time to time, outdoor activities have decreased. However, hockey rinks aren’t abandoned yet in the Northern and certain other provinces of the country. There, the virus hasn’t spread widely and caused any severe harm to the residents yet.

Hence, we cannot jump to conclusions about this tentative affair. Canada and several other countries are seeking medical opinions on these matters. And only with their advice will most authorities take up any action. Till then, their focus is on fighting the virus and hoping for things to go back to normal.

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