Brooklyn Nets Vs. Toronto Raptors: Who Will Win The Rivalry Playoff?

Once again, both teams will face each other on the NBA Regular Season 2021-2022 at Scotiabank Arena Toronto on Sunday, November 2021, at 3:30 PM ET.

This weekend’s Sunday match is going to be super interesting with Brooklyn Nets up against Toronto Raptors. The Nets and Raptors have been head to head all-time, with 100 games played in total at regular-season games. The winning trophy is led by the Toronto Raptors winning 58 games and the Brooklyn Nets with 42.

The last match between the two teams was on the 2020-2021 Regular Season in April 2021, where the Brooklyn Nets scored 116 and Toronto Raptors with 103. This year, they’re going to meet again on the 3rd week of the NBA’s Regular Season, which will take place on Sunday.

Before their face-off on Sunday, both teams will be up against other teams to be played on Friday, 5th November. The Brooklyn Nets will be up against Detroit Pistons at 7:00 PM ET at Little Caesars Arena Detroit, MI. Meanwhile, Toronto Raptors will be up against Cleveland Cavaliers at 7:30 PM ET at Scotiabank Arena Toronto, ON.

Looking Back At Their Previous Matches

Currently, Brooklyn Nets has five wins and three losses. Meanwhile, Toronto Raptors have six wins and three losses.

The Toronto Raptors started off the game against The Washington Wizards on 21st October but were defeated by Washington with 98-83. It was a disappointing match for the Raptors, which spoiled their homecoming match. Wizards Beal scored 23 points, and  Montrezl Harrell’s 22 points were enough to beat the Raptors in their first match.

Raptors players Scottie Barnes and Fred VanVleet scored 12 points each, but it was not enough to save them. The team was quick to score the first five points but failed to keep up.

However, during their second face-off with Washington on 4th November, Toronto marked their fifth successive win by defeating Washington by  109-100. VanVleet scored33 points, while OG Anunoby’s 21 points avenged their losing match with Washington on the opening match.

Washington’s Bradley Beal scored 25 points, and Montrezl Harrell added 15 points but failed to maintain their spot.

As for Brooklyn Nets, their opening match was with Milwaukee Bucks, but the Nets lost the game by 127-204.

Buck’s player Antetokounmpo, scoring 32 points, led the team to win over Brooklyn during their opening match. Both Pat Connaughton and Khris Middleton added 20 points each to help Bucks reclaim the loss of Jrue Holiday, whose right ankle got bruised after hitting 20 points.

The Brooklyn Net was led with 32 points by Kevin Durant while Patty Mills added 21 points and James Harden added 20 points. Brooklyn’s defeat by the Bucks nearly eliminated the team for the second face-off.

However, in the last game between Atlanta Hawks and Brooklyn Nets, the Nets took over by 117-108. Durant’s 32 points led the Net’s to win three consecutive matches.

A Preview On Brooklyn And Toronto’s Last Match At NBA Regular Season

The NBA Odds and Predictions predicted the Brooklyn Nets to win against Toronto Raptors during the last season. But this year, we can only wait and see who’s going to be the new favorite. Although the Nets have been on the winning streak, we don’t know when the tables will turn. And, of course, some experts might already know who’s going to lead the game. But the final answer will be out on Sunday when the teams finally meet head-on.

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