Boston Red Sox vs. Texas Rangers – Can Red Sox turn the odds?

Boston Red Sox vs. Texas Rangers

The Boston Red Sox have run through a forgettable season this year sitting at the last position in the AL East standings. The Red Sox have managed only 11 wins this season with the worst home-win record among the other teams.

Ironically, the Boston side has failed to replicate their last year’s performance, failing to overhaul their opponents. Their win percentage in away games is not phenomenal either, losing six consecutive series this year. In fact, the Red Sox have yet to put up back-to-back wins, adding more worries to their turmoil.

On the other hand, the Texas Rangers stand 4th in the AL West standings and look more dominant than the Red Sox. Many consider the rangers as the close favorite before their three-match series. However, the Red Sox will hope to reprieve their lost touch and get back to winning ways.

What went wrong for the Red Sox?

Red Sox’s CBO or chief baseball officer opened up that the situation faced by the team has jolted the atmosphere and players are trying their best to get out of it. Bloom felt that the team should show more urgency and believed that the players will turn things around.

The team’s odds had decreased significantly, following their dreadful start this season. The league’s expansion has also hurt the team’s progression, increasing their woes to get their campaign back on track.

Furthermore, average performances by marquee players have also hurt their campaign, leading to multiple negative results in the tournament. Likewise, their offense has failed to click this season, failing to deliver throughout the tournament.

The only respite for Red Sox’s offense comes from their marquee hitters Martinez, Devers, and Bogaerts who share a combined PA of 334. Others have failed to contribute, leading to the team’s dismal performance.

Lack of depth has also contributed to the unimpressive performance of the Red Sox, failing to meet margins when they face opponents. In short, the Red Sox have a lot of improvement required in their playing strength and will have to improvise on their strength to get past the Texas Rangers.

The Confident Rangers

On the other hand, the Texas Rangers have proved their might on the field, winning most of their matches this season. Although they stand 4th in the AL West standings, the Texas side has accumulated 13 wins till now.

The Rangers have superior batting stats and their hitters have powered the team on multiple occasions. However, the Rangers will love to improve their batting average, as they rank 25th this season. Furthermore, the Rangers will love to score more runs, boosting their overall rankings.

Additionally, the Rangers will enter the match with one of the best strikeout percentages this season, and the Red Sox will have to try hard to stop the Rangers.

However, the team will want to improve their winning percentage and will love to add another away win to their tally. The Ranger’s home win rate also requires a check as they have lost 10 times hosting a match.

Red Sox vs. Rangers – What to expect

The three-match series between the AL East and West will lift the atmosphere at the Globe Life Field, and fans will expect their home team to outshine their opponents at the Texas venue.

Sunday’s match will culminate the three-match series and fans will expect high-flying action from both the teams. The Texas team will enter this three-match series with a win and will want to continue their winning streak by defeating the under-performing Red Sox.

On the other hand, the Red Sox have only one win under their belt in the last five matches and will seek the opportunity to get back to winning ways. It can be a perfect juncture for the Boston team to revive their campaign after losing to the Atlanta Braves.

The three-match series will also commence the first clash between these teams this season. While Corey Seager has performed well for the Rangers, Red Sox will rely more on their three big hitters to rescue the series. In short, Sunday’s MLB clash will have electrifying moments for every MLB fan.

Red Sox vs. Rangers – Player stats

The Red Sox vs. the Rangers three-game series will allow fans to witness their favorite MLB stars in action. Although the Red Sox has failed to impress this season, all eyes will be on Nick Pivetta as he could be a probable starter.

On the other hand, Dane Dunning will be the Ranger’s first choice as the player has showcased immense potential as a starter. Here are some key stats for these players.

Dane Dunning

Dane Dunning will feature in his 7th start this season if the Rangers pick him as the starter. The right-hander has performed brilliantly against the Yankees, and the Texas side will expect a similar performance from the 27-year-old player.

Dunning has a 2.818 strikeout ratio with an ERA and WHIP of 3.38 and 1.188. His performance can propel the Rangers to another victory, improving the overall team standings.

Nick Pivetta

Nick Pivetta is one of the marquee players in the Red Sox lineup with 29 strikeouts and an ERA of 6.07. The right-hander performed well against the White Sox, surrendering five hits.

The 29-year-old has an impressive strikeout rate, making him one of the top Red Sox players with 29 home runs. The Red Sox will rely heavily on Pivetta to turn their campaign and increase their overall performance.

Martinez, Devers, and Bogaerts will also have to play their role and help the Red Sox to break the odds.

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