Alexander Volkov vs. Jairzinho Rozenstruik – Return of the Titans

Alexander Volkov vs. Jairzinho Rozenstruik

When you talk about heavyweight matches in UFC, fans often expect knockouts as the underlying statement. The UFC caravan has shifted focus to Vegas 55, where Alexander Volkov and Jairzinho Rozenstruik will highlight the main event in Las Vegas.

UFC’s Apex facility will witness the “Bigi Boy” getting into action while the veteran will love to return to winning ways. The bout means a lot to both the fighters, as one of them will undoubtedly end his losing streak. As for the other, the lackluster period will follow the underwhelming chapter.

However, fans will have moments to cherish, and the bout between “Bigi Boy” Rozenstruik and the Russian giant will thrill every UFC enthusiast.

In short, the UFC Vegas 55 will be the redemption ground for both fighters, where one will undoubtedly live up to his expectations.

Volkov vs. Rozenstruik – Comparison

Statistics Alexander Volkov Jairzinho Rozenstruik
Height 6 ft 7 in 6 ft 2 in
Weight 253 lb 257 lb
Reach 80 in 78 in
Wins 34 12
Knockouts 22 11
Losses 10 3


Volkov has a superior reach advantage which might come into play against a shorter fighter like Rozenstruik. However, “Bigi Boy” is more agile than Volkov and will look to time his movements to perfection.

Although Volkov has more MMA wins than Rozenstruik, the Surinamese fighter has more career wins than the Russian giant and will use his wealth of knowledge to outclass his opponent.

Furthermore, Rozenstruik’s knockout ratio is more substantial than Volkov’s, meaning fans can anticipate another lethal blow from the “Bigi Boy.”

However, Volkov is taller than Rozenstruik, meaning the Surinamese fighter will have to judge his assaults to perfection to outclass the Russian giant.

Alexander Volkov returns for glory

After facing a decimating first-round defeat from British fight Tom Aspinall, Volkov plummeted to his worst ranking in his UFC career. He ranks at the seventh position in the heavyweight standings, which has plagued his overall UFC career.

His continued downward trend with multiple disappointing results further dented his career statistics. Volkov now has acquired 10 losses in his career, with the latest one being a first-round defeat against Tom Aspinall.

In short, the veteran Russian fighter will love to redeem his career with a win against Rozenstruik and add another feather to his win tally of 34. Volkov’s fans will also love to see their favorite MMA fighter get back to winning ways.

Jairzinho Rozenstruik eyes similar result

Rozenstruik’s career is not at its peak and will enter the Vegas 55 with a loss. His previous defeat against Curtis Blaydes has also impacted his UFC standings as the Surinamese fighter ranks 8th in the UFC heavyweight rankings.

His current ranking is below Alexander Volkov, and a loss will ensure that he will remain at the same spot (or even lower) after the match.

During an interview with LowKick MMA, Rozenstruik highlighted that beating Volkov will be a tough ask, as he thinks the match will be a stand-up fight. Although Volkov has a brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu, Rozenstruik maintained that he would have to be cautious against Volkov’s stand-up tactics.

The Surinamese fighter also explained that he would use the octagon and focus more on his movement. Since Volkov is a big guy, Rozenstruik commented that he would work on finding different angles and monitor Volkov’s movements for counterattacks.

The interview suggests that Rozenstruik has plans for everything and also indicates how much he values this fight to get back to winning ways. However, he will have to work hard against the Russian giant as Volkok can be destructive with his lethal knockout punches.

How do experts interpret the Volkov vs. Rozenstruik match?

According to various industry experts and former MMA fighters, the match-up between Volkov and Rezenstruik will undoubtedly spark life in the UFC heavyweight circuit.

For instance, Kenny Florian insisted that the Vegas 55 will be thrilling for every UFC enthusiast as both fighters will enter the octagon after facing defeat.

The fact that one fighter will break his losing jinx will make the match exciting, and you may even witness an early settlement if one of the fighters lands a knockout blow.

Kenny further stated that Volkov might win the match as his superior height and reach advantage can be lethal against Rozenstruik. However, he ruled out the possibility of a knockout as he believed that both fighters would employ a cautious approach.

Kenny further advised Rozenstruik to be aggressive, take his chances whenever he could, and use his striking ability against Volkov. However, Kenny also explained that Volkov would use his long-range strikes and undoubtedly pick Rozenstruik if “Bigi Boy” tries to cruise through the rounds.

Volkov vs. Rozenstruik – What to Expect

The five-round UFC Vegas 55 will witness two heavyweight fighters who share 33 knockouts between themselves. Although experts rule out the knockout possibilities, fans will anticipate more from the heavyweight strikers.

Alexander Volkov has delivered knockout promises on 22 occasions, while Rozenstruck has a better ratio of 11 knockouts out of his 12 wins. In short, there is a strong possibility that the Vegas 55 will end with a knockout punch, beginning a new chapter for at least one of the fighters.

However, both fighters will enter the match with a loss, and a backdrop of what happened in their previous fights will undoubtedly play through their mind.

In short, it will be exciting to see which fighter manages to overcome past results and end his losing streak at the UFC Apex facility in Las Vegas.

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